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Reid Cooper

PH3 Photo Albums

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      Run 1770 - 12 Feb
      Run1617 8th March AGM
      Run 1573 5th May Rawang - Opera
      Run 1582 CanAm 7th July
      Run 1571 21st April St Georges Day
      Run 1572 - ANZAC Run - 28th April
      Run 1583 14th July Torch Light Run
      Run 1587 - August 11
      Run 1575 19th May Ulu Yam - Danny McB
      Run 1574 12th May Kundang Lakes - Elaine
      Run 1604 8th Dec Xmas Run
      Run 1598 27th Oct - Halloween
      Torch Light Run - 10th September 2005
      Run 1469 - 7th May
      Run 1472 - 28th May
      Run 1495 - 5th Nov
      Australia Day
      Run 1477 - 2nd July American Independence
      Run 1500 - 10th Dec
      Run 1473 - 4th June
      Run 1475 - 18th June
      Run 1468 - 30th April
      Run 1832
      Dutch Connection 05-Dec
      Guy-Fawkes Run

  2015 JM`s Run Feb14
  2014-9-27 Serendah
  2015-3-7 Dons Run Setiawangsa
  2014-6-28 Manuels Farewell Run
  2015 Chinese NY Circle
  2014-8-2 Swiss Day Run
  2013-6-22 Moses Run
    Moses Circle
  2014-6-21 Robert Muliss Kundung Run
  2015-3-14 Devakhi Hulu Langat Run
  2014 Malaysia Day Run Genting Valley
  2013-5-25 Hugh Murray
  2015-4-25 St Georges Day Run
  2014-3-22 AGM Run
    2014 AGM OnOn
  2015 Chinese NY ON ON
  2013 Halloween Circle
  2015-4-18 Barts Farewell Run
  2013 St Georges Day
  2015-5-23 Yips Rasa Run
  2014-8-16 Mohd Noor Hot Springs
  2013-6-1 Broga
  2015 Chinese New Year Bkt Jugra
  2014-8-30 Fuckawee Kemensah Run
  2013 Dutch Run 2013
    Dutch Circle
  2013 Gawai Circle and ON ON 2013
  2014-9-27 Serendah Circle
  2013 Gawai Janda Baik
  2015-6- 13 Gawai Celebration
  2014 Malaysia Day Circle
  2015-2-28 Matts Mimaland Live Hare
  2015-4-25 St Georges Day Run Pics
  2014-9-20 Bundoora
  2014-3-8 Crusty Jones Run
    David Lake
  2013-9-21 Ilona Russel
  2014-8-23 Broga
  2014-10-4 Wet Chicken Farm Run
  2014-6-12 French Run
  2014 Malaysia Day ON ON
  2014-11-8 Guy Fawkes
  2014-8-9 Lilians Way Bkt Lagong
  2015-05-09 Dutch Run
  2014-5-31 Ritas Ulu Yam Run
  2015 NY Run Denai Alam
  2015-2-21 saujana utama
  2014-8-16 Mohd Noor Hot Springs Run
  2014-10-25 Cheras Bamboo Village
  2013-6-29 Daniel Cheezy Knob Walchli
  2013 Halloween JM Run

  Run 1893
  AGM 2015
  Run 1925

  2014-8-2 Swiss Day
  Run 1912 Halloween 2013
  2015-02-07 Bukit Jugra
  AGM 2015

  Xmas 1013 Frasers Hill


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Run Directions Header

Run 1999 - 4 July 2015

Venue: Bukit Beruntung
Hares: Reid Cooper
Co-Hares: Mysterious Co-Hares
Scribe: Looi Soon Cheng
Comic: Lye Shyong Ling


GPS: 3.401533, 101.542594

-Take New Klang Valley Expy/AH2/E1 North towards Ipoh
-Stay on North South Expressway E1 going north
-Take exit 118 Bkt. Beruntung toward Bkt. Beruntung/Serendah/Batang Kali
-Go through toll and take a right at T intersection onto route 3208
-After 1km Turn right onto Persiaran Prima Beruntung
-After 3.1km Turn right onto Jalan Mawar 2
-Park near the empty shop lots

Posted by onsec at 04:50 PM

Run 2000 - 11 July 2015


Note: Registration begins at 2.00pm. The runs will start at 4pm!

Venue: Emville (Bangi)
Hares: Dave Wilson
Co-Hares: Dave's Gang
Scribe: Reid Cooper
Comic: Maria Galindon


GPS: Emville Golf Resort Guard House: N 2 51.677 E 101 46.081TBA

Maps Link: https://www.google.com/maps?q=2.861097,101.768046&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=18

- Take N-S Highway South From KL. Exit at Bangi Toll and set tripmeter to 0km. - At 0.4km at Roundabout take 3 o'clock exit.
- At T junction 1.8km next to mosque turn left.
- At T junction 2.9km turn right.
- At 5.4km turn right signpost Bukit Ungul and Dengkil.
- At 7.9km turn left and keep left at roundabout.
- Drive to end of road at 12.6km and park neatly or follow Hash signs as needed.

ON ON - OnSite

What to bring: You, your humor, your dancing shoes and lotsa energy!

Posted by onsec at 12:05 PM


1. How to set a great run. A few tips.

a) The objective of the hash is to provide all members and guests with approximately 60-90 minutes of interesting running over varied terrain, with the entire pack finishing within 20 minutes of each other. No one should become lost if they follow the trail

b) Select a site which has ample parking and give clear, understandable directions. Avoid parking on main roads and obtain land-owners permission where necessary. Do not choose a site within 500m of a kampong - respect local sensitivities to dogs; alcohol consumption; and showering in public.

c) Always use a 'Co-Hare', both for security and in order that the co-hare can take over if you are otherwise indisposed on the day. If you are unfamiliar with setting runs, choose an experienced co-hare. If you don't know any, ask the trail-master. There are plenty of willing members who will be only too happy to help.

d) The run should be approximately 8-10km, but can be shorter in difficult terrain. If you need to 'stretch' the front-runners, then do so by setting clever checks; by using false trails; and perhaps by inserting a penultimate / final circular check; but never by attempting to set a marathon. The hash is strictly non-competitive and should focus equally on both exercise and socialising. Choose the restaurant and the menu for the on-on carefully!

We'll provide a more complete guide when your turn comes round to set a run.

3. Next committee meeting: 07 July 2015


2000th RUN

A new page has been made for PH3‘s (our) 2000th Run. Please click here to find out more.


hareline has been updated in June 2015- up to run# 2020. Check when your next run is.


Our Hash Flash, (John C) posts very good pictures of PH3 runs. Click on any photo at the bottom of this page. This will bring you to PH3 photo album. We also have a PH3 Facebook page (Petaling Hash House Harriers) and Hash Flash.


Please clean up and take your rubbish with you and/or place it in designated containers!


Drinks are for consumption only at the run site. Please do not take unopened cans or bottles to your cars. Committee members will not hesitate to confront you and put you on the box as an abuser.


Scribe Reports

Click here for latest Scribe Reports.

run 1995 - 6 June '15 (by Ted Parslow)
run 1992 - 16 May '15 (by Father Abraham)
run 1989 - 25 Apr '15 - a MUST READ (by Dadahman)

Many others in "previous reports" at bottom of scribe reports page

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A random Youtube video with search terms - hash house harriers



On a Saturday, at the PH3 run-site, Beer O'Clock is easy to define. It is either:
1) 5.45pm
2) The time Front-Runner-On-Paper arrives back from the run (if there's a short and a normal, it's the normal run that counts)

The same rule applies to soft drinks (including for grubby little horrors!), but the big water-cooler is usually available to prevent anyone from dying of thirst.

Rules 1 & 2 apply to non-runners and guests too.

There are only a few habitual offenders, and we apologize for making the rest of you read this, but we want to make sure the rule is clear.

On On


PH3 loves guests and visitors.

We welcome any Hasher and non Hasher to join us for a run and after run gathering on Saturdays. The current fee is RM 35.00 a head for the run and the circle refreshments (beer and softies). Any food at the restaurant is additional, but will usually cost you less than RM25.00.

How to get there?

- Print or copy directions to the run site from this PH3 page.
- If you need a lift, do request it at least 72 hours before the run and be sure you are on time at the designated pick-up location. Do exchange mobile phone numbers with the person you are riding with. Be on time.


You will need decent trail running shoes and running gear. Expect at least a 1.5 hour run or 2 hour+ walk in tropical forest/jungle conditions.

After the run

Bring change of clothes, towel, (water if you wish to shower/wash off), money to pay for the run fees and food later on. Expect to be given one or two down downs for visiting us.

ON ON and see you at the run!


Update your contacts

If there are any changes in your email, phone number, next of kin contact, etc., pls notify OnSec immediately @ ph3malaysia@gmail.com

Members' Responsibility

The main responsibility you have as a member it to set a run when your turn comes (about once in 4 years). Check the receding hareline page. If you can't set the run, the onus is on you to find a replacement hare. If you quit close to the time of your run and wish to rejoin later on, you will still be requested to set a run at the time you rejoin.


1. Beer : RM190 per quarter (from Q3 2014)
2. Softie : RM85 per quarter (from Q3 2014)
3. Associates: RM50 per quarter
4. Joining fee: RM50 per applicant
5. Guest fee adult: RM35 per run (drink beer or not)
6. Guest fee youngsters: RM10 per run

Hash Paper

Please return all unused hash trail paper to the Trailmaster, Neil Campbell.

Run Directions

Please send your run location and directions to On-Sec and Trailmaster as early as possible before the run date (at least 4 weeks ahead).


PH3 is a membership club. Make your views heard. Talk to your favorite committee member or send a note to OnSec.

PH3 - 2000th run

PH3's 2000th Run is on 11th July 2015.
A milestone and a good reason to have a hash bash and celebrate!
A special committee is already at work with Chairman Robert Mulliss.
We need volunteers on that day, and if you are up to it, please approach Emilia.


Friday - 10th July
@ 7.30pm

Drinks & Snacks (NOTE: This is NOT dinner. Drinks will be Pay-As-You-Go at Happy Hour rates all night)
1 Jalan Setiapuspa
Medan Damansara
Bukit Damansara, KL

Saturday - 11th July
@ 2pm

Kampung Sungai Buah
Dengkil, Selangor

2.00pm Registration
4.00pm Runs start
6.30pm Circle starts
7.30pm Dinner
8.30pm Hash Acts
10.00pm Dancing 'til late

Sunday - 12th July
@ 11.00am

Jinjang No 33, Jalan A
Taman Batu, Off Jalan Kuching, KL

11.00am Run starts
12.15pm Circle starts
1.00pm Lunch

Some Outstation Runs

25 to 27 Sept 2015
15th Pan Asia Hash Pondicherry, India

29th Apr 2016 - 01st May 2016 (Fri to Sun)
11th Malaysian Nash Hash 2016
Venue: Ipoh
Reg Fee: RM200.00 till 31st Aug 2015,
RM250.00 thereafter
Contact: OC Grace Tan 0194411988


Run # 22 Boracay, The Philippines,Dec 2015
Run # 23 South Korea, Jun 2016

for details visit: