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Guest Fee @ RM35 ea
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Brown Sugar

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Frank Wijnands
Powder Balls

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Robert Muliss


Ron Sparling

Emilia Charles
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Dave Wilson
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Lai Foo Weng

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Maria Galindon

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Peter Cann

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Liz Muliss

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Philip Feer

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Run 1937 - 26 April 2014

St. George's Day Run
Run-site: Hash Heritage Site (site of the future Hash House)
the disappearing bukit kiara trails

Damsel lost in the woods: Liz Mulliss
Rescue team: Other Lads and Ladies of St George
Court Jester and Story Teller (scribe): Juliana Tong
Comic: Ron Sparling

GPS - N3 8.587; E101 38.013
Google Map Link

1. Take Jalan Damansara towards Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI).
2. When you come to the toll (Sprint Highway), take the toll plaza on the left towards TTDI.
3. After paying the toll, drive towards TTDI and turn right at the 2nd traffic light into Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad. You will see Pizza Hut on your right.
4. Drive straight along this road, with shops on both sides, passing 2 sets of traffic lights. You will see VADS Building (former IBM Tower) further down the road, on your right.
5. Drive straight on to the end of the road, Trellises apartment is on your left and Kiara Green on your right.
6. Turn left into Changkat Abang Haji Openg.
7. Site is up small driveway on left (look out for HHH sign here) after approximately 200m.

NOTE: Please park your cars on tarmac road outside and where you can, and walk in to the run-site. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRIVE TO RUN SITE. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY AND HAVE TO BACK OUT.

ON ON and party is off site at Backyard 2 [GPS: N3 9.926; E101 36.536] in Damansara Perdana Metropolitatn Square (where we had Halloween's JM party last November). Its is only 5.5km from the runsite. Directions will be given at the runsite (but if you need to know now: go back towards Bandar Utama towards LDP and turn left to Damansara Perdana. Backyard is about 1km down the road on the right).
Members pay RM 10 each for food, on own for drinks at happy hour prices all night. Guests/Visitors will be charged RM 60 each for this yearly event (excluding Backyard beverages) .

Posted by onsec at 12:00 AM

Run 1938 - 03 May 2014

Run-site: beyond Ostrich Farm, Semenyih, off B19
between ostrichland and thailand
Hare: Maria Galindon
Co-Hare: Powderballs
Scribe: Liz Mulliss
Comic: Maria

GPS: This is the location on the asphalt road, then follow signs if any: N3 0.245, E101 53.252
Go to Semenyih any way you prefer. [For those coming fm Ampang, note that the road between Ulu Langat and Semenyih is still closed next to Semenyih damn till June 2014]

  • Head to Semenyih. In Semenyih town, after passing a BHP petrol station on your left, zero tripmeter at the first traffic lights (before Police Station) and turn left into Jalan Sungai Lalang (Kachau) / B19
  • At 5.9km, at Kampong Pasir, turn right at hash sign (there is also a small Ostrich Farm sign)
  • Follow this small road past the Ostrich Farm, and the waste recycling plant, feeling reassured by the occasional hash sign, passing a small guard house on to an unpaved road through plant nurseries, until you reach the runsite at 11.2 km, below the Buddhist temple with golden roof and reclining Buddha. Very scenic !
  • The temple authorities have kindly given us permission to use this site, on condition that no rubbish whatsoever is left behind

    On On at Zuan Kee Restaurant in Kajang Industrial Estate

  • return to Semenyih town, and at traffic light turn right. Pass the BHP station and continue towards KL.
  • When you reach the LEKAS Highway overpass, do not take the exit to KL but continue straight for ~500 hundred meters, look for the Billion sign on your left, then take the next left at traffic light (Jalan Bandar Teknologi)keep heading for Kajang, pass under highway bridge (don't turn off back towards Cheras/KL)
  • continue for 200m and turn left in Jalan 1/10
  • Zuan Kee is 50m on the left

    Posted by onsec at 12:53 AM

    Run 1939 - 10 May 2014

    Dutch Connection Run
    Run-site: TBA
    new socks?
    Hares & Co hares: Men in orange socks
    Scribe: Maria

    Directions:GPS: TBA

    Posted by onsec at 12:00 AM


    1. How to set a great run. A few tips.

    a) As hare you are responsible to provide a great afternoon and evening for about 120-150 persons (yes, people do dedicate the whole 1/2 day to come to hash). Put some efforts into setting a good run and arrange for a good venue for dinner (RM 18 to RM 22 per person nowadays).
    b) Run should be preferably in varied terrain, avoid killer hills and long runs in open areas (too hot). Put more paper (or staple to leaves) if you expect rain (well, this is Malaysia).
    c) Front runner back in about 1h30min, everyone back home in about 2hours ( a 20-30 minute spread is excellent). Experienced hares often set a longer run and a shorter one, ensuring everyone ( runners and walkers) is pleased. None of us wants to waste driving 2+ hours to/fro a run site for a 45min trot !
    d) Ask experienced hares about number of tables to book for restaurant. While PH3 usually has 6-7 tables at the On On, numbers can vary due to holidays or other non hash activities. If you have over ordered, you (the hare) will have to pay the restaurant for the guaranteed tables. If you have ordered too little, you will have a mob of hungry and grumbling hashers on your hands ! The hare must be at the restaurant until On On ends. Cost should be divided by total number of people.

    2. Run judging.

    Runs will be judged as a good run (that is good run and you are given an On Down and cheers), a not so good run (you be given a toilet seat), a great run set at great efforts (you be given a Tee Shirt for that), or a very poor run (for which you be asked to set a run in 10 weeks time). The run judging follows a very complex procedure involving run site, parking, length of run, run incline, run decline, direction of wind, rain and sun factor, opinion of knitting circle, walkers, back benchers, pack runners and - occasionally- front runners, (as interviewed by the Committee Member in Charge - COMIC) but most of all, it rests on the enlightened decision of the GM.

    3. Next committee meeting: 20 May 2014



    Our Hash Flash, (John C) posts very good pictures of PH3 runs nearly every week. Best way for you to see those pics is to access the link that is regularly updated by Hash Flash on PH3 Facebook page (Petaling Hash House Harriers) and Hash Flash.


    hareline has been updated on 08 April 2014- up to run# 2000. Check when your next run is.


    We have received complaints about the enormous amount of rubbish and empties left behind at some runsites after runs. Please stop littering, even when drunk ! We want to be able to use run sites again and again and none of us is the rubbish collector for the others. So, take your rubbish with you and place it in designated containers !


    As much as we would like to avoid policing the run site, we have noticed that some members are "packing" home drinks or taking unopened cans to their cars. This is not acceptable at PH3. Drinks are to be consumed at site by members and all drinks/cans should be opened at beer wagon. We do not need to hear your excuses/reasons, people who finish their run late also need a drink. Committee members will not hesitate to confront you and put you on the box as an abuser.



    ON ON !

    Scribe Reports

    Click here for latest Scribe Reports added
    08 February 2014
    01 March 2014

    A random Youtube video with search terms - hash house harriers

    South Hams Hash House Harriers - Hash 802 Avon Inn, Avonwick (GoPro2)

    Simon Finch
    After B The B's house was flooded, a hasty change of venue was organised. No river crossings due to the amount of recent rain but plenty of mud and water. I ...


    On a Saturday, at the PH3 run-site, Beer O'Clock is easy to define. It is either:
    - 5.45pm
    - the time that the Front-Runner-On-Paper arrives back from the run (if there's a short and a normal, it's the normal run that counts)

    The same rule applies to soft drinks (including for grubby little horrors!), but the big water-cooler is usually available to prevent anyone from dying of thirst.

    This is because we're a Hash club, and the idea of the Hash is that you do the run and then reward yourself with a few drinks.
    Non-runners (members or guests) are welcome to drink, but only after the run has been completed by at least one person (or until we conclude that they're probably lost).

    So, even though the cans and bottles are put in iced water around 4.30pm to cool, and look very tempting, they may not be taken until the time specified above. Otherwise we'd all just sit around drinking, and forget the run!

    We don't want to have to put armed guards by the beer truck, so please do the right thing.
    There are only a few habitual offenders, and we apologize for making the rest of you read this, but we want to make sure the rule is clear.

    On On,

    OnSec, on behalf of the PH3 Committee


    PH3 loves guests and visitors.

    We welcome any Hasher and non Hasher to join us for a run and after run gathering on saturdays. The current fee is RM 35.00 a head for the run and the circle refreshments (beer and softies). Any food at the restaurant is additional but will usually will cost you less than RM 20.00.

    PH3 is a great way to experience tropical forest and jungle hash runs in places where most tourists dont go with a great bunch of people - locals and expats. Its 50-50 about sport and social !

    How to get there?

    - Print or copy directions to run site from this PH3 page.
    - Get yourself there anyway you can or get a lift. If you ask for a lift, be sure you will be on time at the designated pick up location. Hashers wont wait, the run starts on time, rain or shine. They want to get there ! Do exchange mobile phone numbers with the person who will pick you up.
    - Dont expect people to do detours for you. You can easily get to and from most pickup points in KL, Bangsar or Petaling Jaya by taxi or LRT (metro rail).


    You will need decent running shoes and running gear. Trail running shoes with good grip are best as it can be slippery during downpours, but normal sneakers should do OK. Expect at least 1.5 hour run or 2 hour + walk in tropical forest/jungle conditions. Some hills.

    After the run

    Have a change of clothes, towel, (water if you wish to shower/wash off), money to pay for the run fees and food later on. Expect to be given one or two free down downs for visiting us.

    ON ON and see you on the run !


    Update your contacts

    We need to be able to get in touch with you (for communications) and to your next of kin (in case you get lost or injured). This info stays in the club and is only accessible by key committee members. If there are any changes in your email, phone number, next of kin contact, etc. Pls notify OnSec immediately: ph3malaysia@gmail.com


    Please do check your spam folder as PH3 mail might be stuck in there. Let OnSec know if you change email.

    Members Responsibility

    The main responsibility you have as a member it to set a run when your turn comes (about once in 4 years). This is expected of ALL members and much notice is given on the receding hareline page. Please ensure you plan far enough ahead and/or as a last resort YOU should find another Hare to replace you. If you quit close to the time of your run and wish to rejoin later on, you will still be requested to set a run at the time you rejoin.

    Current Subs

    1. Beer : RM 180 per quarter
    2. Softie : RM 80 per quarter
    3. Associates: RM 50 per quarter
    4. Joining fee: RM 50 per applicant
    5. Guest fee adult: RM 35 per run (drink beer or not)
    6. Guest fee youngsters: RM 10 per run

    Hash Paper

    Please return unused hash trail paper to Trailmaster, Dave Wilson. Do not throw away.

    Run Directions

    Please send your run location and directions to On-Sec and Trailmaster as early as possible before the run date (at least 4 weeks ahead). OnSec needs to post directions on this website for everyone's convenience.


    PH3 is a membership club. Make your views heard. Talk to your favorite committee member or send a note to OnSec. We cannot be all things for all people and have limited funds, but committee members are members too and we try to make sense. If you don't comment, you agree ; if you don't participate, you consent.


    If you like hash, great beers and a trip to Europe this summer, you can check this one out to see how you can hash from brewery to brewery !

    25-27 July, 2014
    Brussels 2014
    the GREAT Beer Odyssey
    Brussels, Belgium
    Euro 250 (still some left)
    link at: www.interhash2014.com

    Some Outstation Runs

    July 11-13, 2014
    Malaysia Nash Hash
    Sibu - cost RM350
    contact www.malaysiannashhash2014.com

    25-27 July, 2014
    Brussels InterHash 2014
    a Beer Odyssey
    Brussels, Belgium
    Euro 250
    link at: www.interhash2014.com


    2000th's run
    We need "organizers" for planning PH3's 2000th run and bash (scheduled for June 2015). Let the On Sec know if your are keen on helping.

    S.H.O.T. Runs

    - Run #19 - Hua Hin, Thailand
    - June 20-22, 2014
    - Pre-lube: June 19, 2014, Bangkok
    Book tickets now if you want cheap airfare !

    we also hard that run #20 (Dec 2014) will be in Medan.