July 24, 2003

Run 1378 : 9 August 2003

Venue : Ulu Yam 4:30 pm
Hare : Adnan (Sam) Rajab
Co-Hare : Joanna Yoong?
Scribe : Adam Armstrong
Comic : Emilia Charles
Directions : Take Jalan Kunching ( North ) As you go under the Jalan Duta round-about zero trip meter. Exit at 5.8Km to Kuantan/Batu Caves. Take the fly-over in the sky, to Kuantan (3 o’clock). At 7.5Km take left (and left again) to Ulu Yam. At traffic light (8.5 Km) turn right into Jalan Sg Tua, noticing the revolting yellow and red plastic palm trees. Mosque on right hand corner. Please drive carefully along the kampong road winding through 3 sets of traffic lights. Turn right at 12.5km to Ulu Yam. As you drive along the winding mountain road enjoy the beautiful view of the country side (this is compulsory). At 34.8 Km, approaching Ulu Yam town, turn right after the little bridge. Drive slowly through the kampong and over the sleeping policemen. At 35.6Km, Y-RIGHT on the dirt road and park your car near filthy KIA Sportage WFN 9030. (Reading from KIA which tends to under-read a bit.)

ON-ON. At well-known Hash restaurant Hock Lay in Ulu Yam Baru which is 10 mins away from run site. Please park your car at the restaurant properly as parking space is limited.

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