December 21, 2003

Run 1400 :10 January 2004 The Fantabulous Monkey Year KongXiFaCai Run

Venue : Bukit Lagong 4:30pm
Hare : Tommy Chin
Co-Hare : RT Kana, Guiness Khoo, Rachael Chau, Christina Tan, Jane Gappang
Scribe : Yap Bernard Chik Tin
Comic : Robin Cox
Directions : Set trip-meter to ZERO at the Jln. Segambut / Jln. Duta Elevated Roundabout.

Take to Jalan Kuching heading North. Stay on this main road all the way for about 11.0 km and turn left to go up the left slip road, signposted – Pejabat Daerah Gombak / Gombak District Office. (If you see Templer Park, you’ve overshot the left turn by about 3 km and you should know what to do hereof.)

Keep left, veer left. At 12.5km, turn right, across the divider break. Enter through (half) Arch signage which reads, “ SELAMAT DATANG….BUKIT LAGONG”.

Follow this narrow long winding road for 1 or 2 minutes, park near Hare’s Car - WGT393. Put on your boots, lets go Fire-Crackers.

Note 1: Absolutely everything will go “pear shaped” if no one follows paper. If in doubt what “pear shaped” means, ask the On Sec.
Note 2: If you do follow paper, you will enjoy the run like co_k, be back at run site safe like c_ck for Fun&Games, and, save us from looking for you in the dark, like _ _ _ _.
Note 3: It will not rain. 
Note 3.1: Be there.

The ON ON makan is at PJ Seafood Restaurant / Selayang. This is located just opposite the entrance (“Selamat Datang…Bkt Lagong” Signage) to the Run Site. For some of you, not running in Bkt Lagong, you are most welcome too to the ON ON. Come LohSang together. On On.

The Triple ON shall be at everybody’s house. You go back to your home, I go to mine. Okay, how about at RonniQ’s Bangsar, first round of booze is on the house.

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