May 14, 2004

Run 1420 : 29 May 2004

Venue : Old Bentong Rd
Hare : Ilona RUSSELL
Co-Hare : Patrick RUSSELL
Scribe : Gerrard Soong
Comic :

Directions :

Fast route – Exit KL on Karak (Kuantan) highway, set trip meter at toll. Proceed thru Genting tunnel at 17.1km, 2nd toll at 41.6km to Bentong exit 42.2km, turn off left for Bentong, cross river and turn left at T Junction signed “Kolam Air Panas”. Follow old Bentong road for 47.5km and come to small river crossing adjacent and underneath the highway bridge on the right, marked with large sign “Cintai Sungei Kita”. Turn right up track and pass under highway. If you pass hot-springs, you have gone too far.

Scenic Route – Take old Bentong Road – you can actually do this from Jalan Pahang in KL (old road to Genting) but more sensible option is to take Karak Highway, pass thru toll and exit at Bukit Tinggi onto old Bentong Rd – exit left, drive under highway and pass BP station on right. This is a very pretty drive. Proceed down old Bentong Rd for (very approx) 15km passing hot springs on left, until small river crossing as above. Look for HHH signs. Turn off left up dirt track, pass under highway and follow directions as below.

Proceed up the side of the river, thru picnic spot. Cross new steel bridge and follow tracks about 1km to run –site. This run will be completely different to our last outing here.

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