June 07, 2004

Run 1424 : 26 June 2004

Venue : Batang Kali (Ulu Yam) Football Field
Hare : Helen Brooks
Co-Hare : Ron Brooks
Scribe : Greg Dall
Comic : Mei Mei
Directions :
Option 1, take the highway to Rawang get off turn right after the toll. Go through Rawang town continue on to Batang Kali town turn right at the lights ( By the police station ) go straight on it says Genting go through the lights at the cross roads where you can turn left to Genting then open your eyes for hash signs on the left its about 1km after the Genting crossroads turn in left.

Option 2, Take Jalan Kuching exit to Batu Caves at the big roundabout go through Batu Caves town at the trafic lights sign poasted Ulu Yam turn right and continue on roughly 6 kms turn right your on the old resaviour road to Ulu Yam .When you arrive in Ulu Yam town turn left at the small bridge go through town turn right the sign post says Genting ( if you pass the police station your doing ok ) go on for roughly 2km look for hash signs on the right

Please note as you turn in some of the culvet covers are MIA so try to avoid the holes there is plenty of room there is now a nice parking area down by the river very flat and clean its 100 yards further on than the usall spot.For the europeans thats 30 meters.

Posted by onsec at June 7, 2004 09:45 PM