September 21, 2004

Run 1439 : 9 October 2004

Venue : Seminyah Lake Country Home
Hare : Timothy Raj
Co-Hare : Reuben Lamack and Malliga Palaniapan
Scribe : Dan Percival
Comic : Mei Mei
Directions :
1. Take Seremban Highway south to Kajang Exit (210).
2. Immediately after toll, follow signs to Semenyih by going LEFT and LEFT again.
3. Stay on this highway in the right lanes heading for Semenyih.
4. Pass through 2 Tolls, (Sungei Ramal and Bukit Kajang), finally taking a LEFT turn to “Semenyih and Seremban”. (If you accidentally go off at Jalan Semenyih, do not panic. Turn right under the highway and you will still be heading in the right direction).


Take New highway from Cheras, past Phoenix Plaza heading for Kajang/Semenyih/Seremban,
Continue on to Semenyih.

5. Rejoin the old road into Semenyih, trip meter at 1st traffic lights.
6. Pass through 2nd set of lights at 0.5 km.
7. At 0.8 Km (immediately after Petronas on right) turn LEFT towards Broga.
8. Note large billboard “Welcome to Lake Country”.
9. At approx 3 Km turn LEFT before row of shophouses. (Jalan TTS 1)
10. Run site is 150 meters straight ahead.
11. Bring mossie repellant.

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