November 04, 2004

Run 1445 : 20 November 2004

Venue : Bandar Country Homes, Rawang
Hare : Soh Kam Eng
Co-Hare :
Scribe : Ah Wan
Comic : Gary Murrel
Directions : Find your way to NKVE Rawang toll and set trip meter to zero. At 0.2 mile(0.32 km) turn left at traffic lights towards Batang Berjuntai. At 2.1 mile(3.36km) pass CHIN HEONG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT ( ON ON VENUE ) on your right located next to Shell station . At 2.3mile(3.68km) turn right at traffic lights towards COUNTRY HOMES. At 3.1 mile(4.96km), at roundabout, turn left (9 o clock) into Jalan Desa 4/6. At 3.6mile(5.76km) continue on to laterite road. At junction to Pusat Seranti at 3.8mile(6.08km) turn right. Follow hash signs from here to run site. Hash mobile maroon 4wd SA8303V

Posted by onsec at November 4, 2004 06:02 AM