November 23, 2004

Run 1448 : 11 December 2004

Venue : Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Amanpuri, Taman Desa Amanpuri
Hare : Tan Lee Hoon
Co-Hare :
Scribe : Kooi-Lee Heard
Comic : Soo Kan Hoy
Directions : From PJ / TTDI / Damansara Utama, take the LDP Expressway heading towards Kepong/Sungai Bulloh (You will pas Bandar Utama/Mutiara Damansara/ramp up to Penchala Link/Damansara Perdana on the left). Go staright on and pay RM1 at the Penchala Toll. Approx 1.8km after the toll, keep left and go down slip road (DO NOT go up the flover) till you reach traffic lights (if you turn left you go towards Sungai Bulloh/Kuala Selangor. If you take right, you will go to Kepong/KL DO NEITHER) Go straight on and pass the 2nd traffic lights. Go straight on again and you will reach the 3rd traffic lights at T-junction. Turn left at the t-junction and go straight on for about 1.8km (you will pass Happy Seafood Restaurant and Shell Station on your left and blocks of shophouses on your right) until you reach another T-junction and you are at Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Amanpuri.

Kindly park your vehicle on the opposite side to the school.

On-On at Shiang Hee Seafood Restaurant, Bandar Menjalara

From the run site go back towards the direction of S. Buloh/PJ until the traffic lights at the crossroad of Sungai Buloh/Kepong/LDP Expressway.

(NB. After turning left from school you have to take left and go round the back of the blocks of shophouses to join back to the main thoroughfare. The roads here are one way i.e. Jalan Sehala).

At the above-mentioned crossroads, take left at traffic lights and KEEP LEFT. Go up ramp for the overhead-bridge towards Taman Bukit Maluri/Bukit Menjalara. Turn right at 1st Traffic lights on the overhead-bridge and go straight on. Keep left and go straignt pass 2nd traffic lights (Mosque on right). Go straight pass the 3rd traffic lights (petrol station on right) until the roundabout. Take the 6 o’clock at the roundabout, keep left and turn left just before the Petronas Station. Take the 2=1st right and then 2nd left (i.e. Jalan 8/62A). Go straight from here till almost the end of the road, Shiang Hee Seafood Restaurant is on the right (Big Yellow sign board).

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