April 15, 2005

Run 1469 : May 7th, 2005

Venue : Kundang Orchard
Hare : Hong Mei Keng
Co-Hares : John Dodgson & Sarah Wheeler
Scribe : Salim Dhalla
Comic : Barry Sage



Find you way to the NS highway, head north and exit at Sungei Buloh. Zero your trip meter at the tollbooth.
At 0.1km turn left onto the B54 towards Kuala Selangor.
Keep on B54 through traffic lights at 1.3km and to the left of the flyover at 2.9km.
At 8.3km turn right at traffic lights towards Kundang on B25, Police Station on left.
At 11.0km turn left, traffic lights, immediately after a Caltex petrol station towards Kundang.
12.9 km Drive past Kundang Lake
14.4 km Drive past Kundang Lake & Country Club into Kundang Kampong
16.7 km Look out for milestone marker “Rawang 13 km” on your right. Turn left opposite this marker (Hash sign) (Point A for directions to On On)
17.0 km Pass Kundang Police Station on your left
17.2 km Turn first Left. Follow road round to the right
17.4 km T-junction, turn left. Follow road onto dirt road (there will be Hash signs along the way)
19.4 km Turn right into runsite. Hare’s car : Red Kembara BGT 2836

Directons to On-On
Reset trip, turn left out of run site
0.6 km Keep left
2.0 km Turn right. Follow road round to the left
2.2 km Cross road, turn right
2.4 km Pass Kundang Police station on your right
2.7 km T-junction (Point A above), turn left
3.3 km Messy cross road, go straight on to dirt road
3.7 km Big signboard for Restoran Kundang Seafood,
Turn left and restaurant is in front of you

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