August 28, 2005

Run 1488 - 17th September 2005

Venue: B112 between Bukit Buruntung and Rasa
Hare: Steve Robinson
Co Hares: John Dodgson
Scribe: Bernadette Kulen (Ben)
Comic: Nurul
Just before the spot where we nearly drowned you all last time!!!
So bring your cozzi & arm-bands, snorkel and mask!
The quick and expensive way (recommended +/- 45mins from Jalan Duta tolls)
Take the North South Highway north in the direction of Ipoh.
Exit at junction 118 Bukit Buruntung and set trip meter to zero at the toll
0.3 km turn right at T junction
1.7 km turn left at Mobil station. Sign posted Rasa & Kuala Kubu Baru.
3.2 km turn right at T Junction
4.0 km turn left at T Junction. Sign posted Rasa
4.5 km left hand bend and water tower
5.9 km right hand bend
7.7 km turn left at T junction. Sign posted Rasa.
Continue driving through housing estates admiring houses available for immediate occupancy. 10.0km water tower on RHS and end of housing.
YOU ARE HERE – take a left immediately opposite water tower and park at your own convenience! A Black Perdana WHT5748 will be parked about 50yds along this road.
The start is at the corner of the main road opposite the water tower.
The cheap and slow way (+/- 1½ hours dependent on heavy lorries)
Take Jalan Kuching North on to the old Ipoh road and drive past Templer Park, Rawang, Serendah etc. At the traffic lights in Batang Kali (Milestone Ipoh 158km) set the trip meter to zero.
3.8 km turn left. Signpost Pekan Rasa
4.0 km turn right just before railway line
4.1 km turn left and cross railway line
4.5 turn left into the village
4.6 km turn right. You are now on the main street of Rasa
5.5 km turn left at T junction on to dual carriageway. Signposted B112 Bukit Beruntung
At 11km turn left into the turning opposite the water tower. The Hare mobile can be seen on the Left Hand side about 50yds along.
Note 1 - While there is adequate parking on this road there is not a great deal of shade, however a short walk will find some palm trees opposite if it is really a hot one. There are also some friendly people in nearby houses who have agreed for us to use their living room until the run starts. Please observe local custom in your host house!
Note 2 - It has been raining recently. Mossi repellent is recommended.
On On at Resorant Wing Hiong
35, Jalan Orkid 1F, Bukit Sentosa
Turn right from Run Site back towards Bukit Buruntung.
2.5km turn left signposted Bukit Buruntung
6.2km carry straight on. Do not turn right which is the way you came in.
7.4km turn left. You can see the restaurant on the other side of the dual carriageway.
7.6km U turn over central reservation
7.7km Park
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