December 15, 2005

Run 1501 – 17th December 2005

Hare : Nick ‘ Weathercock ‘ Morss
Co-Hares : Mary and Mei
Runsite : Ulu Yam Bharu border.....

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Option 1 :
Get yourself on the North South Highway heading north. Exit at Rawang Toll. Set your tripmeter to 0 at the toll.
0.4 km turn right at the traffic lights heading towards Rawang.
3.0 km go straight at the traffic lights.
3.6 km slip left and drive through Rawang town and continue on the Old Ipoh road following signs to Ipoh.
Go pass Sg. Choh and Serendah.
13.5 km you will pass Serendah Golf Resort. – big golf ball!
Watch the milestones, just passed “Ipoh 160” at
22.1 km just after a big yellow and green building on your right turn right at signpost Ulu Yam Lama.
22.3 km turn left ( signposted Ulu Yam Lama ) and left again.
23.3 km at a cross junction go straight.
*25.8 km ( big Ulu Yam Baru sign ) just before the bridge turn right and drive slowly and carefully.
26.2 km turn right ( follow Hash sign ). Follow road round the vegetable farms. Try not to run over the lizards, snakes farmers, etc..
27.1 km at a fork junction turn left ( follow Hash sign ).
27.7 km at a T junction turn right.
28.2 km turn left and drive for about another 600m to car park. Hash mobile BFA 2200 ( Green Toyota Prado)

Option 2 : for Ampang residents!

Take Jalan Kuching exit to Batu Caves.
At the big roundabout, go through Batu Caves town and at the traffic lights (mosque on corner), sign posted Ulu Yam, turn right and continue on approx. 6 kms.
Turn right and you are on the old reservoir road. Follow this all the way to Ulu Yam.
When you arrive in Ulu Yam town, turn left at the small bridge and go through town. Drive pass Hock Lay Restaurant (On On venue) and continue until end of road (do not turn right to Genting). Cross bridge, turn left and join Option 1 above (*).

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