February 18, 2006

Run 1510 - 18th Feb 2006

Hares: Catherine Ooi & Friend
Location: Ampang, Lookout Point
Scribe: Richard Moss
Comic: Ben

Year of the Fire Dog 2006
Catherine Ooi Birthday 18.02.2006
Free birthday cake & wines after the run.

From whichever direction u come find your way to Jalan Ampang and if u r coming from KL i.e Ampang Park,Crown Princess Hotel pass d famous Risda building. Pls do not try to look for any Hevea Brasiliensis trees understanding the inadequacies of comprehending and digesting words infrequently used by some of my fidus achates,in Malayasia we call this plant rubber tree.

Pass the Plaza Ampang City up on to the flyover, set your trip meter to 0 (if make sure your meter is working),pass Ampang Point and De Palma hotel on your left,pass the first set of many Traffic lights you will be going through.

At 1.5 KM u will pass under an overhead pedestrian crossing inscribed with the words (Ini Wilayah Celcom).
At 1.7 KM or there about you will approach a Y junction,
some call it a split road, where you will see Police Barracks between the split. Keep to your left as you go along you will see some construction works on your left. Be careful of lorries driven by many Sam Sengs or crazy folks.

At 2.9 KM you will pass a set of traffic lights, go straight.

At 4.1 KM you will reach another set of lights, slow down and turn right.
At 5.8 KM traffic lights go straight.

At 6.4 KM turn left at traffic lights. Enjoy the scenic view of the Klang Valley on your left as you drive along this winding road but keep your eyes on the road.

Slow down,as you approach 9.5 KM, at 9.9 KM turn in right across a double line into (Pusat Pelancongan Tinjau) or in English call (Look Out Point).

Take a sharp right and drive up through the gate,at T-junction turn right if you are early otherwise park neatly along the road. Runsite is on the top of the slope to your right.

Alternative Road - To avoid the jam along the Ampang road.
If you are coming along Jalan Tun Razak, just after the IGN/National library take the new fly over,at the start of the fly over set trip meter to 0 somewhere in the middle keep to your left at 0.7 turn left following the sign (Ampang & Ulu Klang. Drive straight till the end follow Pekan Ampang sign and you will find yourself on Ampang road, this would be 6.2 KM.
At 7.2 KM will be a Y junction turn right
At 9.5 KM traffic lights drive straight.
At 11.9 KM turn left (See sign Kajang)
At 13 KM turn right into Pusat Pelancongan Tinjau or the place call look Out Point.

Alternative road from Cheras
As you reach Plaza Phoenix,set your trip meter to 0 take the fly over.
At 2.0 KM you will be coming to a toll pay RM 0.70 keep to your left enter Pekan Hulu Langat & Pekan Batu 9.
At 3.5 KM turn to your left you will see a police station on your right.
At 4.4 KM keep on going straight (Traffic light).
At 5.4 KM u will be passing Idaman Villas.
At 7.0 KM another traffic light go straight passing Petronas 8.9 KM on your right.
At 11.1 KM u will be reaching a small pekan town, mosque on your left.
At traffic light turn left.
At 15.7 KM on your left u will see Pusat Pelancongan Tinjau (Look Out Point ). There we are.

Park near the Hares car, a Silver Chervolet Aveo WNA 3517

On On will be at the nearby Restaurant. Yet to finalise the place.....advise later with map direction.

Pay attention here
The runsite is on a private property & we had to get permission to use the place so pls observe restraint.
There are showers available at the hall on your left as you drive up. Use by all means but pls do not dirty the place by washing your soiled shoes. Pls do not litter around and damage any property. Pls use the garbage bags provided. Throw your discard into the garbage bags not around it. Pls clean up before you leave the place.

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