May 20, 2006

Run 1523 - 20th May

Hare: Jean Ti
Co Hare: Sharpie Thorne
Venue: Ijok
Comic: Choo Nai Kwong

Directions: Take the North/South Highway and exit at Sg. Buloh toll. Turn left and head for Kuala Selangor. At the first traffic light of the cross road set odometer to zero (kilometre), go straight. Proceed as follows, going straight at all subsequent traffic lights:

Km Remarks
10.3 Those coming from the Guthrie Corridor Expressway join here*
13.1 Go past the prison (on RHS)
16.7 Those coming from Punchak Alam/Meru join here*
24.6 Go past the Batu Arang turn off (on RHS)
25.0 Slow down at 24 km stone to Kuala Selangor Road (on LHS)
25.7 Go past the huge blue Kota Puteri JKR sign (on LHS)
25.9 Take a very sharp left just after the Chinese cemetery before the AWAS sign
28.0 Park after the huge water pipes beside hash car with the HHH sign.

• *For the benefit of those people coming from Bukit Jelutong, Punchak Alam or Meru
• Direction to the on–on at Jet Mei restaurant. Return to the main road, trip odometer to zero and proceed as follows:

Km Remarks
2.4 Turn right at Petronas Station (RHS)
2.6 Take the first left after the police station (on LHS)
2.8 Park. Restaurant is opposite a Chinese school.

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