August 12, 2006

Run 1535 - August 12

Hare: Graham Davidson
Location: Kuala Kubu Baru
Scribe: Soh Yoke Chun
Comic: Linda Van Dijk
Occasion: Much awaited 10-weeker


Get to Batang Kali either

via North South Highway

1. Take Rawang exit off North South Highway.
2. Got thu Rawang (or use the new Rawang bypass) and get onto the old Ipoh Road.
3. Continue on the Old Ipoh Road thru Serendah until you hit the traffic lights at Batang Kali

or, via Batu Caves

1. Use the Dam Road
2. And go thru Ulu Yam Baru
3. Past Lucky Lite Restaurant on your left
4. Keep going for another 4kms until you hit the traffic lights at Batang Kali
5. Trip meter and turn right at these lights onto the Old Ipoh Road

From the lights at Batang Kali, go along the Old Ipoh Road and at 4.3 km the
turn right signposted Kuala Kubu Baru.

At 9.6 km turn right again (just before a bridge) signposted Kem Bina
"something or other". There will be a hash sign at this 9.6 km mark.

Follow this road (which becomes dirt road with lots of potholes) for a km or
two and look for next hash sign telling you to turn right.

You will immediately see a little bridge. You can park just before this on
the right handside, or alternatively you can cross the bridge and park on
the right hand side just over the bridge. This is where the hare's car will
be (blue cherokee jeep WFV 9186) and most likely the beer wagon.

Note: There will be two runs - a normal Davidson Run (smile) and a longer run.

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