August 26, 2006

Run 1537 - August 26

Venue: Hulu Tamu Hot Springs
Hare: Emilia Charles
Co-Hares: HC Sector 1 Hares
Scribe:Maureen Tong

Note: All guests pay RM50

Directions (Click here for a MAP).
Make your way to Rawang, and onto the North bound KL/Ipoh trunk road. Pass Serendah and at traffic lights at Batang Kali township, turn right for Genting Highland and head for Ulu Rening. Proceed for 1.9km and slip left at new digital traffic lights. At 3.4km slip left again, and 7.2km turn right at TNB sub station and at 8.3km turn right to “Air Panas Ulu Tamu” and park behind Hot Spings beside co-hare mobile WDH1712

Note: Emilia doesn't set long runs. Rambo has lost his touch. But what about the other co-hares?!!!

Anyway, there will be 2 runs. The run will start with normal Petaling paper and will split.

A ) Not so short run - will continue on normal Petaling paper

B ) Not so long run - will continue on yellow paper.

ON ON - Old Lucky Like
Directions : Drive back to Batang Kali digital traffic lights. Turn Left and
drive for 2km to Ulu Yam/Genting cross road. Restoran is on the right of
cross road.

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