September 02, 2006

Run 1538 - September 2

Hare: David Hunter
Co-Hares: Rob Plachciak & Bryan Sissons
Scribe: Emilia Charles
Comic: Helen Chiam


Close to KL – “New” area – Great views on a good day – Overgrown tracks, Jungle, Rubber. Short run and Normal Run marked. Bring mosquito repellent – these mozzies have had no food for years.

Short instruction: Go to old Gombak – Bentong road. At “kilometre stone” “Benton 53” turn immediately left. See HASH sign. Drive carefully up old bitumen road (about 1 km) to entrance gate to MIMALAND. Park outside gate and well back to edge of old car park area to leave room for all.

Longer instruction: Follow Jalan Kuching North out of KL. Turn right towards Kuantan at the large elevated roundabout leaving at 3 o’clock. Set trip to zero as you exit roundabout. At about 2.8 km watch for sign on left above road for Jalan Gombak. Follow sign. At 3.4 km go straight through 2 sets of traffic lights. At 4.6 km turn left at yellow/green mosque, at traffic lights, into Jln Gombak. At 8.8 km go straight thro’ traffic lights (Universti Antarabangsa Muslim on right).

Reset trip to zero. Note “kilometre stones” to Bentong – 56,55,54 sometimes hidden by cars or knocked flat. At “Benton 53” (about 4.6 km) follow short instruction above.

On Bentong road if you go under Karak Hwy (large bridge) you have gone too far. Go back.

ON ON Directions:

"Go back to yellow/green mosque, at traffic lights, and turn right. Continue to double set of traffic lights. Set trip to zero at second lights. Go straight. (Not up ramp to left, not across lines to elevated highway on right.) Pass Petronas and Esso stations on left. Immediately after Shell station turn left (1.5km) and find your way to front of shophouses which face the elevated highway. On On is at Tasty House Restaurant, 9 shops from far end of the row."

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