November 18, 2006

Run 1549 - November 18

Last training before the Ball-Breaker Run

Hare: Sen
Co-Hare: Mike Chow
Scribe: Danny Fun C K
Comic: Linda van Dijk
Venue: Kampung Batu 10, Bukit Tinggi

• Take Karak Highway towards Kuantan.
• Drive through the tunnel.
• Pass Selesa Homes on your left and Bukit Tinggi Village on your right (we will have our On-On here).
• Look out for small blue kilometer markers on your left.
• Just after kilometer marker 54, SLOW DOWN and prepare to turn left onto a narrow gravel-sand baked road.
• Immediately go left again**, staying on the half-tarred half-graveled road and proceed several hundred meters to a dead end, ploughing through dense foliage.
• As the open space is tight, park efficiently. (Ladies! If you can’t manage this, ask the ever so willing gentlemen (ahem) for assistance!).

** The right turn is where you head back to KL.

As this is the last run before the Ball-Breaker, it is expected to be shorter (I think) than a normal PH3 run.

The On-On will be in Bukit Tinggi Village.
As you drive back towards KL, exit left at Bukit Tinggi/Janda Baik (not Bukit Tinggi Resort). You will see a BHP gas station as you come to the exit road. Immediately after exiting, turn right and proceed into the quaint village of Bukit Tinggi. Drive through the village archway and go right to the point where the road turns left. Park here and make your way to Restoran Foon Lock.

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