December 30, 2006

Run 1555 - December 30

Venue: Kg Batu 30 Just After Antara Gapi (Ulu Yam Lama)
Hare: Funny Chinese
Co-Hare: Many Funny Chinese
Scribe: Joint Master
Occasion : 10 weeker - We will leave 2006 with a bang
Comic: Choo Nai Kwong
Travel whichever way to Rawang. Go through Rawang and head up old Ipoh Road passing Serendah, the big Golf Ball and Antara Gapi and 500 meters after
"IPOH 162"(approx 14km from Rawang) turn left and park
ON ON Restoran 218 Serendah
Drive back to Serendah. As you exit Serendah at BHP Gas station traffic light set tripmeter to Zero. Drive for 300 meters and turn right. Drive for another 600 meters and turn right to the restaurant.

Posted by onsec at December 30, 2006 02:18 PM