January 20, 2007

Run 1558 - January 20 2007

Hare: Nick Bloy
Co-Hare: Rick Foyston
Venue: Rebutia/Sungei Pisang/Old Gombak road to Bentong
Scribe: Derek Tavender
Comic: Mike Clarke

Directions: Rebutia/Sungei Pisang/Old Gombak road to Bentong

Get onto Jalan Kuching and head in the direction of Batu Caves/Old Ipoh Rd. Take the left hand lane after Makro that takes you up to the elevated roundabout and take the 3 o'clock that takes you past Batu Caves.
Keep straight for about 1 km and get in the middle-ish lane that is signposted for Jalan Gombak.
Follow this road until the traffic lights at which there is a large mosque on your left, and turn left.
Follow this road( Old Gombak Road to Bentong) for several kilometers.
You will pass the old Mimaland, Asli settlement and underneath the Karak highway at a certain point.
Keep going for another couple of kms- you will see a river running beneath you on the left.
Keep an eye out for the stone distance markers on the left of the road and at km 51 for Bentong, you have about 300 metres before the turnoff to the runsite.
There will be a hash sign on a signboard indicating an Adventure Camp at which point turn left onto a small metalled road that lead downhill - at the bottom, there is the entrance to Camp Rebutia - do not enter, but keep right following the road along the river for 200 meters and park on the roadside.

On On is a freebie, courtesy of the hare, and will be at the recreation area at the Linatex plant, which is located back at the elevated roundabout at Batu Caves.
Head back for KL using the same route as above - eg turn right at Mosque (ignoring the signs to go straight on to KL) and follow subsequent signs to KL/Batu Caves and ultimately KL.
Almost immediately after the final left filter turn that takes you down to Jalan Kuching/Old Ipoh Rd, there is a small slip road on the left and a diminutive Linatex signboard.
You will miss it if you are driving too quickly.
Follow the road around and over the railway tracks.
Keep left before the security house and park in the carpark and proceed down the narrow road to On On.
There is a small swimming pool and showers for those so inclined

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