June 30, 2007

Run 1581 - June 30 2007

Hare: CK (the closest to being a celebrity)
Co-hare: TM in Asia
Venue: Rawang Industrial Estate
Scribe: Roelof Schoemaker
Comic: Klaus Gehlhaar


* Fasten your seat belt, drive north on NKVE and exit Rawang.
* Pay Sami at toll, turn right at T junction (traffic light).
* Drive carefully behind trailers and lorries along this road passing 2
Petronas petrol stations on either side of the road.
* After Petrol stations, stay in right hand lane and turn right at
traffic light approx km 1.7. Pass On On venue, Restoran Equatorial on
your right
* Continue a further 200 meters before turning left to parking.
* Park orderly next to hash mobile, a land cruiser.
A run which takes you back to mother nature awaits you!! See you there!!

Posted by onsec at June 30, 2007 12:02 PM