July 21, 2007

Run 1584 - July 21, 2007

Hare: Francis Chan
Location: Kuala Kubu Baru (By Old Ipoh Road)
Scribe: Dave Settergren
Comic: Barry Sage


Get to Batang Kali either via North South Highway
1. Take Rawang exit off North South Highway.
2. Go thru Rawang (or use the new Rawang bypass) and get onto the old Ipoh Road.
3. Continue on the Old Ipoh Road thru Serendah until you hit the traffic lights at Batang Kali

or, via Batu Caves
1. Use the Dam Road
2. And go thru Ulu Yam Baru
3. Past Lucky Lite Restaurant on your left
4. Keep going for another 4kms until you hit the traffic lights at Batang Kali
5. Trip meter and turn right at these lights onto the Old Ipoh Road

From the lights at Batang Kali, go along the Old Ipoh Road and drive for 12 km passing the Ampang Pecah the Main Kulua Kubu junction(with traffic light).
300 meters after IPOH 146 km milestone with the OLD KKB railway station on your left, turn right over double line and park in open area behind bus stop.

Note : Please do not park on the Main road as there is adequate parking area inside if we park properly

On On: Restaurant 218 in Serendah
Drive back all the way to Serendah. As you exit Serendah at traffic light with BHP station on right set trip meter to zero. 300 meters after lights turn sharp right at road construction. Drive for another 600 meters and turn right.

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