December 22, 2007

Run 1606 - Dec 22 2007

Hare: Clancie Liew
Co-Hare: Sen
Venue: Cyberjaya
Scribe: John Tan
Comic: Dave Parks


This is a runners’ run! The area is rather flat with low hills. A favourite place for wild boar hunters! So, come run with bright colours and avoid black lest you want to get shot at!!

Directions via LDP:
- Get on the LDP (E11) and head south towards Putrajaya. Most probably, you will pass Western Digital and the ‘famous’ Canon/Olympus Bridge across the Federal Highway.
- At the Petaling Jaya toll plaza, trip 0.
- 2.2km pass IOI Mall.
- As you approach Exit 1118, keep to your right of E11.
- Move to the left as you see Tractor Malaysia on your left.
- 5.4km, veer left.
- 11.2km, Puchong Selatan toll plaza.
- 15.6km keep left and head towards Cyberjaya.
- 16.5km, take left.
- 19.5km, taffic lights and Limkokwing University on your right.
- 22.0km, traffic lights and turn right towards Multimedia University.
- 22.2km, go straight at traffic lights (HSBC on your right).
- 23.3km, take left.
- Drive straight and you will see hare and co-hare 4-wheel drives – White RAV4 with a black Ford Escape.

Direction via KL-Seremban Highway:
- Pass Sg Besi toll plaza.
- Take Exit 210 (Kajang).
- Trip 0 at Kajang toll plaza.
- Take ramp up towards Putrajaya.
- Pass Petronas Station on your left.
- Head towards Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.
- 3.8km, keep right (Do not take left exit to Putrajaya!!)
- Head straight towards Cyberjaya.
- 9.7km, take left.
- 11.8km, take left.
- 14.9km, pass LimKokWing University on your right.
- 17.5km, turn right at traffic lights towards Multimedia University.
- 17.8km go straight at traffic lights (HSBC on your right).
- 18.7km, turn left.
- Drive straight for 2km and you have arrived.

Directions to Seafood Restaurant Dengkil:
- 0km at run site.
- 2.0km turn right and go straight at traffic lights.
- 3.3km, turn right at traffic lights towards Dengkil.
- 4.4km go left towards Dengkil.
- 5.1km straight at 1st traffic lights and at 2nd traffic lights, turn right.
- 7.9km, veer left and head towards Dengkil (you must have passed Petronas Station on your left by now; otherwise, you are on the wrong road mate!)
- 9.3km go underneath road-bridge.
- 11.6km just after pedestrian bridge, the restaurant on your left.

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