January 26, 2008

Run 1611 - Jan 26 2008

Hare: Cheah Cheang Sio (Virgin Hare)
Co-Hares: Spastic Don Cheang & many Chinese
Venue: Ulu Langat
Scribe: Frankie Khoo
Comic: Robin Cox

A new area for Petaling Hash with 2 lengths of run.
The Long run will be set by the Hare and Don Cheang as they don’t trust Rambo. The short run will be set by Rambo.
The Long run will follow normal Petaling paper and the short run triangular paper.


From PJ and KL, make your way to Cheras expressway heading towards Kajang. Make sure Phoenix Plaza is on your right as you head towards the first toll. About 300m after the toll turn LEFT to Ulu Langat and Pekan Batu 9.
Do not use the left lane on the slip road that forces you to make a sharp left turn.
Drive through the village and at traffic lights at the police station and turn LEFT. Drive for about 8.8km and at traffic light in Ulu Langat turn right towards Tekali/Kuala Kelawang.
Set tripmeter to “0”.
At 300 meter pass police station on left and cross bridge.
At 2.8km slip right and at 3.6km park in sand pit.
If they are still working on the sand pit we will have to park further in.

Alternative direction

Drive over the hill from Ampang. At traffic with mosque on right turn right and then immediately left towards Tekali/Kuala Kelawang.
Then follow directions as above.

On On is at Tekali Restaurant
Drive back towards Ulu Langat. At about 2.5kmturn right into restaurant.

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