May 03, 2008

Run 1625 - May 03 2008

Hare: ManuŽl Riezebos
Co-Hares:Roelof Schoemaker, Abram Klok and other Flying Dutchmen
Venue:Sungai Batangsi
Scribe:Graham Davidson
Comic:Alvin Chah

*Flying Dutchmen -Run*
"Now everyone can wear socks"
> Find your (high)way to Phoenix Plaza toll and set trip meter 0.0,
> first follow signs to Kajang/Semenyih and later Saujana Impian/Semenyih.

> @ 9.7- pass Tesco on the right, 10.8- pass Saujana Impian Golf Resort
> on the left, at traffic lights go straight, 17.5- turn left, 20.5- in
> Semenyih (opposite mosque/school) turn left into B19 (Pekan Bt.18),
> @28.6- turn right into dirt road (you overshot when you see graveyards
> on port site) and follow hash signs for about 1 km.
> It is not a coincidence that the Flying Dutchmen are setting a run
> today: 30 April was our national Queens Birthday and 5 May is Dutch
> Liberation Day. We will get you a taste of Dutch folklore provided
> that for once you run your arse off so that there is some daylight
> left (looking at the co-hares list there is a bit of a run though).
> According to good Dutch tradition you are allowed to bring your own
> pot and chick as long as it, he or she is not for commercial
> exploitation. There will also be no restrictions to express your
> personal opinions during the Circle.
> On on will be at the Kajang prison canteen (jln. Sungai Jelok, Kajang)

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