May 17, 2008

Run 1627 - May 17 2008

Hare: Greg Dall
Co-Hares: Kawan2
Venue: Broga
Scribe: Lim Chung Leong
Comic: Laurence

Make your way towards Semenyih town.

In Semenyih town set tripmeter to zero at mosque and traffic lights .Go straight for Seremban/ Broga.

At 0.8km pass Petronas station on right.

At 0.9 km turn left at traffic lights towards Broga and continue along winding road.

At 4.0 km pass entrance to Nottingham University. Keep going straight towards Broga.

At 7.7km directly opposite Rabbit Funland turn left into palm oil estate and park. Hasmobile is a Red Toyota 4 wheel drive WFU800.

Directions to On-On restaurant.
Turn left at road from car park area towards Broga town. At 1.3 km you will pass an intersection in the centre of Broga town. Keep going straight. 100m after the intersection on your right is Restoran Fook and Rakan Rakan with a Tiger Beer sign.

Posted by onsec at May 17, 2008 10:23 AM