June 21, 2008

Run 1632 - June 21 2008

Hare: Jothi Rama
Co-Hares: William Koh
Venue: Kota Damansara
Scribe: Cho Nai Kong
Comic: Barry Sage
* Drive along LDP towards kEPONG.
* Pass 1-Utama Shopping Centre on your left.
* Take the next left exit and pass Ikea and Ikano on your right.
* Take the underpass and follow the road for about another 5 km. until you see a Petronas station on your left.
* Take the left turn at the traffic lights immediately after the Petrona station.
* Pas Sri KDU on your right and folow the road for about 1 km.
* Turn right at Hash sign and park safely.

Posted by onsec at June 21, 2008 07:57 AM