June 28, 2008

Run 1633 - June 28 2008

Hare: Sharon De Souza
Co-Hares: not Rambo, not Don Cheang, not more Chinese
Venue: Ulu Rening
Scribe: Jothi
Comic: hugh Murray
Non - Scenic Route
Make your way to Rawang, and onto the North bound KL/Ipoh trunk road.
Pass Serendah and at traffic lights at Batang Kali township, turn right for
Genting Highland and head for Ulu Rening. Proceed for 1.9km and slip left at
traffic lights, travel another 1.5km and slip left again ( signposted Ulu Rening and Air

Panas ulu Tamu ), and after another 4 km turn left. Park after 500 m.

Scenic Route
Take Jalan Kuching exit to Batu Caves at the big roundabout go through Batu Caves town at

the traffic lights by the Mosque, sign posted Ulu Yam turn right and continue on roughly 6

kms. Turn right towards Ulu Yam.You drive for approximately 22 km along the reservoir road

to Ulu Yam. When you arrive in Ulu Yam town turn left at the small bridge go into town, In

the centre of town (50 M past 7-Eleven [which is on the right]) turn right, the sign post

says Genting.You should drive past the Police station, Drive on for roughly 2 km then turn

right signposted genting ( The On - On Lucky Like restaurant is on the left. Drive 2.2 km

down this road and turn left signposted Ulu Rening. Drive 3.2 km then turn right signposted

Ulu Rening and Air Panas Ulu Tamu. Drive 4 km down this road and turn left - watch for hash

signs. Drive 500 m and park.

On-On : Lucky Like Restaurant
Drive back to junction and turn left. Drive 3.2 km and turn right at junction back towards

Ulu Yam. Reach Batang kali - Ulu Yam road and Lucky Like Restaurant is directly across the junction.

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