August 23, 2008

Run 1641 - August 23 2008

Hare: Robin Cox
Co-Hares: Hugh Murray
Venue: Lembah Beringin
Scribe: Klaus Gehlaar
Comic: Sharon De Souza


Simple directions Usual place between the abandoned shop houses

Full Directions

Travel North (that is towards Ipoh) on North-South Highway to Junction 120 (Lembah Beringin). This should take 35 minutes from the Jalan Duta Toll.
Pay toll and set tripometer to zero
At 0.6km turn left
1.8km turn left you are now driving directly towards a school.
2.3 turn right off road into open area between abandoned shop houses.

Posted by onsec at August 23, 2008 09:09 PM