December 13, 2008

Run 1657 - 13th Dec 2008

X'mas Run (with X'mas dinner/party on site)
Hares: Joint Masters
Scribe: Chai Leng
Comic: John D
Venue: Bukit Lagong

VAMPIRE STRIKES BACK: For some of you who are scared of leeches, did you know that Junior Hash regularly runs in Bukit Lagong? I rest my case. ON ON


Make your merry way to the Jalan Duta roundabout. Zero trip meter.
Get on to Jalan Kuching, heading North, passing TESCO, Pasar Borong/Sayur and WARTA.

At 11.0 KM, Signboard Kompleks Kerajaan Daerah Gombak, slow down and keep left.
At 11.3 KM, Signboard Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Gombak, take the Left slip road up and veer Left when you are short of reaching the traffic lights.

(If you see Templar Park, you have overshot the Left slip road by approximately 2 KM.)

At 13.0 KM, immediately after a rather easily overlooked bridge, turn Right across the divider-break into Bkt Lagong. Go all the way to the end. Follow hash signs to carpark.

CHRISTMASSY ON ON & ON ON ON will likely be held at a new Asli Styled ‘Resort’ with campfire logs below a blanket of trees in the sky, otherwise, it will be held below a blanket of stars… “canopies will be set up so it won’t rain”. Charges: RM20 ppax for members and RM50 ppax for guests. For the more adventurous and overnight campers, 6 units of furnished Chalets are available for rental @ < RM50 each. BE THERE !!

Special arrangements: Parents with children on the Run may bring along presents, wrapped with TLC, for Santa Klaus to present them. ON ON

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