February 07, 2009

Run 1665 - 7th Febuary 2009

Venue : Broga New Village
Hare : Gan Wee Beng
Co-Hare : Spastic Don Cheang
Scribe : Nancy Cassiere
Comic : John D
Directions :

1. Take Seremban Highway south to Kajang Exit (210). Trip to 0km at Toll.
2. Immediately after toll, follow signs to (1) Semenyih-Cheras-Kajang by going left (0.2km) and left again at 0.6km.
3. Bypass Kajang staying in the right (SILK) lanes heading for (1) Semenyih & Sg. Long.
4. Pass through 2 Tolls, (Sungei Ramal and Bukit Kajang) and keep in centre lane to Seramban-Semenyih-Sarjara Impian,
Exit left at EXIT 1804A to “Semenyih”. Pass earlier exit to Jalan Semenyih.
5. Around 13 km Tee left for Semenyih town proceeding straight through 3 sets of Traffic lights.
6. After Semenyih at 16.6km turn left onto B34 (Broga Road)
7. At 24.5 km in Broga village 100meters before Police station turn left.
8. Drive straight for about 300 meters and slip right into laterite road and follow Hash signs to runsite

Take New highway from Cheras, past Phoenix Plaza heading for Kajang/Semenyih/Seremban, Continue on to Semenyih then as above.
The traffic to Semenyih is pretty bad on Sat afternoon. Allow enough time for this.

Bring Mossie repellent, and use it!

On On : JA XIANG Restaurant
Get back to the village and turn left. Pass the Police station and drive straight towards the temple. About 200 meters after the police station look right for Restaurant.

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