March 14, 2009

Run 1670 - 14th March 2009 - AGM Run

*** AGM Run ***

Venue : Setia Alam
Hare : Grand Master Dave Parks
Co-Hare : Aileen D, Charlotte
Scribe : Peter Cann
Comic : Alvin

Take the NKVE in the direction of Bukit Raja/Klang.

Take the EXIT #102 signposted Setia Alam/Meru (this is the up ramp just before the Bukit Raja Toll).

Go to the toll plaza and set your trip meter.

At 2.4km take the ramp up left.

At 2.8km turn right at the traffic lights in the direction of Setai Dagang.
After that right turn then continue straight.

At approx 4.9km turn right into the run site where there is a big water tank.

This is our AGM Run.
Registration for the AGM will start at 3:00pm.

The AGM will start at 4:30pm, and the run will begin only after the AGM proceedings are closed.

After the run we will have the ON ON on-site, with both food and beer free to all members.

A RM100 fee is applicable to all GUESTS (no reduction for guests only attending the run). This includes the run and ON ON, but no freebie.

Members who have not already paid up to March 2009 will be treated as guests and will have to pay accordingly.

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