March 07, 2009

Run 1669 - 7th March 2009

Venue : Kampung Lalang (near Dengkil)
Hare : Peter Cann
Co-Hares : Tommy Chin & Father Abraham
Scribe : Nick Morss
Comic : Aileen D

Take Seremban Highway and head South from KL.
Ignore the KAJANG Exit.
Take the BANGI Exit that comes next - Exit #212.
Zero trip-meter at Bangi Toll:-
0.3km Take a 3 o’clock turn @ Roundabout
1.8km T-Junction at Mosque, go Left
2.9km T-Junction @ Traffic Lights immediately after a bridge over river, go Right
5.4km DENGKIL / BANTING Signboard on Left, turn Right
7.9km Bkt Unggul Golf & EcoCity is on your Left. Carry on heading towards Dengkil
15.8km Hash Sign near Traffic Lights, turn Left into Kampung Lalang
16.5km Right turn Hash Sign
16.7km Left turn Hash Sign
17.5km Cross quaint little railway bridge
18.1km Turn Left and follow Hash Signs to park under palms.
Hash mobiles - Blue Volvo & Black CRV.

Directions to On-On:-

Zero trip meter at run site and turn right onto tarmac road.
At 1.4km turn Right
At 1.6km turn Left
At 2.3km at Traffic Lights turn Left and join main road
At 2.7km at traffic light go straight towards Dengkil
At4.5km at traffic light in Dengkil town turn Right
At 4.6km immediately after traffic light turn Left and park.
Dengkil Seafood Restaurant is immediately opposite the car park. Makan upstairs.

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