May 30, 2009

Run 1681 - 30th May 2009

Warm up for ball-breaker

Venue: Ulu Rening
Hare: Rambo Chan
Co-Hare(s): Chinese Connection
Scribe: Khoo BeeLeng
Comic: Nan K


Directions : Make your way to Rawang, and onto the North bound KL/Ipoh trunk road. Pass Serendah and at traffic lights at Batang Kali township, turn right for Genting Highland and head for Ulu Rening. Proceed for 1.9km and slip left at new traffic lights. At 3.4km slip left again, and 7.2km pass Ulu Tamu turn off.and at 8km turn left into path with Football field on right . Follow this path for 300 meters and then turn right and drive for another 800 meters and look for Hare mobile WDH1712

There will be 2 runs

Run 1
This will be a STANDARD PH3 run. Run will follow PH3 paper and after the split will follow long rectangular paper.

This is a BALLBREAKER WARM UP run. Distance is 19km. Runners run at your own risk. Hare will not look for you if you are lost. Bring your torch for the run. There will be no water point but there are 3 locations in the run where the river water is drinkable and there will be signs indicating them. Run will follow PH3 paper all the way.

ON ON - Rest Old Lucky Like, for the survivors
Directions : Drive back to Batang Kali and at traffic light with Shell station in front turn left. Drive for 2km to Genting cross road. Rest is on the right of this junction.

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