June 20, 2009

Run 1684 - 20th June 2009

Venue: Beranang
Hare: Peter Millitz
Co-Hare(s): Raymond Lai, Elaine D'Silva
Scribe: Florence Yeow
Comic: Charlotte Parks


Coming from KL, go towards Cheras and follow the regular route past Phoenix Plaze.
Zero your trip-meter at the first toll (Toll Plaza Batu 9) along the Cheras-Kajang highway (E7) and simply go straight for 18.0 km and then take Exit 2101A towards Semenyih-Rinching.
From here avoid all temptation to turn and proceed straight through Semenyih town, passing 8 sets of traffic lights for about 8.8 km, before turning right towards some shop lots.

In more detail for those of a nervous disposition:
Zero trip at Toll Plaza Batu 9 and continue straight ahead
At 3.7 km, pass through Toll Plaza Batu 11 and continue straight ahead
As highway ends at approx. 9.8 km (Tesco on right), keep going straight and pass through traffic lights at 11 km
Continue for another 7 km then take left exit at Exit 2101A for Semenyih/Rinching
Proceed through traffic light just before Semenyih town at 19.6 km
Continue straight into Semenyih town and pass through a further 3 traffic lights
Take a peek at On-On restaurant Sin Kee, at 22.4 km on right
Continue for another 4 traffic lights after leaving Semenyih town
At 26.3 km look for large Bandar Tasik Kesuma sign on the left. Do not turn yet continue straight for a short distance; look for first Hash sign before turning right at traffic lights at 26.8 km (yellow-green building on left corner after turn, shop lots on right)
Proceed straight ahead until coming to a T-junction with Hash sign indicating right turn. Go straight following Hash signs until taking a final left bend, following road around and straight on to the run site where there is ample parking at the end of the road.

For the GPS-savvy, run site is at N2 54.662 E101 51.178.

On On: Sin Kee Restaurant in Semenyih
The restaurant is 6.5 km from run site back towards Semenyih.
From the run site, drive straight and follow bend to the right. Take the second left at about 1.2 km. Go straight until you are back at the main road and traffic lights then turn left towards Semenyih.
Continue for about 4.5 km after which you should see the yellow and green Sin Kee Restaurant sign on the left. Parking entrance is just past the sign.

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