June 27, 2009

Run 1685 - 27th June 2009

***** AGAIN *****

Catered Party Afterwards!

Venue: Rebutia/Sungei Pisang/Old Gombak road to Bentong
Hare: Nick Bloy
Co-Hare(s): Patrick Russell
Scribe: Peter Millitz
Comic: Mike Rickard


Get onto Jalan Kuching and head in the direction of Batu Caves/Old Ipoh Rd. Take the left hand lane after Makro that takes you up to the elevated roundabout and take the 3 o'clock that takes you past Batu Caves. Keep straight for about 1 km and get in the middle-ish lane that is signposted for Jalan Gombak.

(You can also get here via the MRR2 from other directions, not necessarily via Jalan Kuching).

Follow this road until the traffic lights at which there is a large mosque on your left, and turn left. Follow this road( Old Gombak Road to Bentong) for several kilometers.
You will pass the old Mimaland, Asli settlement and underneath the Karak highway at a certain point.
Keep going for another couple of kms - you will see a river running beneath you on the left.
Keep an eye out for the stone distance markers on the left of the road and at km 51 for Bentong, you have about 300 metres before the turnoff to some adventure camps.
That that turn-off toiwards Camp Rebutia, etc., down a narrow road and watch for hash signs which will lead you to the new parking spot, where you will see the Hare-mobile - black Range Rover WFU 2288.

On-On Directions - Linatex football pitch
Return to KL - Don't get on the DUKE highway, but follow blue signs to KL/Pusat Bandaraya (i.e. get on the MRR2 towards Batu Caves, Kepong, etc.).

After the elevated section of road with Baru Caves on right, stay left / slip left in direction of KL to get to Jalan Kuching, and almost immediately look for sign Kilang Linatex on the left.
The turn-off is a new one (about 200 metres before the old one) - literally yards from the final slip road left to Jalan Kuching.

Guards will give parking directions.
Importantly, there is also an Irish party being held at Linatex bungalows - DO NOT go there.

The on-on will be at the clubhouse on the football pitch. Hashers and guests who run/come to runsite are welcome, but extraneous interlopers (several turned up last time we did this and walloped most of the food) will be stripped naked and thrown into the Irish party with a can of Guinness tied to their genitalia

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