July 11, 2009

Run 1687 - 11th July 2009

********* Torchlight Run *********
With dinner and entertainment on-site

Registration starts at 5.30pm.
Don't forget this run starts at 7pm (not 4.30)! And bring torches!

Venue: Setia Alam
Hare: Dave Parks
Co-Hare(s): Hugh Murray
Scribe: Ben Kulen
Comic: Don Cheang

Please register in advance - Click here to download the Registration Form

Take the NKVE in the direction of Bukit Raja/Klang.

Take the EXIT #102 signposted Setia Alam/Meru (this is the up ramp just before the Bukit Raja Toll).

Go to the toll plaza and set your trip meter.

At 2.4km take the ramp up left.

At 2.8km turn right at the traffic lights in the direction of Setai Dagang.
After turning right continue straight.

At approx 4.9km go straight past the turning where there is a big water tank on the right hand side (our AGM run-site) and pass through the gap in the concrete barriers.

Proceed 200m or so and look for stage, canopies and chairs. Park nearby but keep the stage area clear.

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