September 12, 2009

Run 1696 - 12th September 2009

Venue: Kuang Orang Asli Village
Hare: Saru
Co-Hare: Chickenhead
Scribe: Rob Scourse
Comic: Don Cheang

Take N-S Highway (E1) from KL/PJ heading North.
Take the Sungei Buloh exit, set trip meter at the toll plaza, and take the slip road left onto route 54 towards Sg Buloh / Kuala Selangor.
Keep right under the flyover at fork in road, pass SMB aerospace on left and keep to right lane to go up ramp at km 2.7 towards Bukit Rahman Putra.
Enjoy view of oxidation ponds on left.
Straight through traffic lights at km 3.7,
At km 5.5 turn left at the T junction.
At km 7.7 turn right at cross roads onto the B25 towards Kuang.
At km 10.0 go straight at the cross roads in Kuang town.
At km 10.3 turn right at a hash sign, go over railway bridge, and make a sharp left turn at km10.8.
Drive carefully through Kampungs keeping to tarmac and avoiding dogs, kids and chicken-heads.
Enter Orang Asli village at km 13.5.
At km 14.0 cross bridge (watch out for steep entrance to the bridge).
Follow track on the left and hash sign to run site,
Haremobile is Terrano WHC 9578

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