September 26, 2009

Run 1698 - 26th September 2009

Venue: Ladang Bentong (off the Bentong - Fraser's Hill road)
Hare: May Lin 'Featherlite' Piong (first-time haring for PH3)
Co-Hare: Patrick 'Birthday Boy' Russell
Scribe: Soon Hui
Comic: Kojak

GPS : N3 36.749 E101 51.724
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Bentong Estate is c. 11 kms beyond Bentong off the Bentong - Raub Rd. Allow 1 hr+ from Karak Highway toll. A little further to travel than normal but a beautiful estate -~ worth a try! Expect clear paths for your need for speed or a leisurely walk if you prefer with mixed oil palm, rubber, orchard, running streams and a birdís eye view of the a valley.

Proceed to Karak-Kuantan highway toll.
Get thee to Bentong by old (scenic, toll free) or new (quick, tolled) road.
In Bentong, pass blue church and pink pasaraya on RHS. Pass Hentian Bas on LHS.
Negotiate 1 way system and follow signs to Raub, & Fraserís Hill passing Hospital Bentong on LHS.
Zero trip meter at modest small-town mosque on RHS.

@ 3km pass exit to Kem Tentera on LHS
@ 6.1km take exit on LHS marked route 55 to Fraserís Hill. Also signposted Bentong Hillís Orchard
@10.4kms turn left over bridge into Ladang Bentong. Over bridge turn immediate right and head into estate on dirt track passing tractor tyre marker on RHS
@11km pass sign to Managerís Bungalow and keep going straight
@ 11.5 km pass boom gate and if requested pay RM1 estate access fee to Samy Velluís cousin.
Follow dirt track and hash signs to run-site @ approx 13 kms.
Park under oil palm near bridge over un-troubled water. Slot next to river is reserved for beer wagon.

The bridge is NOT a parking spot.

On-On venue Ė Restoran Yee Fatt (you are not that fat if you come running!)Ė Bentong.
From run-site, zero trip meter and proceed back to Bentong. Pass Kem Tentera, Golf course etc on RHS.
At approx 10km, look for Petronas Station on RHS. Restoran Yee Fatt is yellow wooden bungalow +250m on the LHS. Plenty of parking round the back. HHH should be in air-con room at the restaurant, slightly dependent on numbers.

Come as yourselves and leave as yourselves. In other words, take all that you bring unto the estate and well, take it with you as you go. Owners of plantation has been so kind as to let us use it, and so, we should do our part to leave it in clean. Thanks!

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