December 19, 2009

Run 1710 - 19th December 2009

* * * Christmas Run * * *
With On-Site Christmas Dinner!!!
(see below for costs)

Hare: Bob Sawyer
Location: Bukit Subang
Co-Hare: Aileen D, lots of Elves & Reindeer
Scribe: Charles 'Santa Claus' Lee
Comic: Clancie 'Christmas Fairy' Liew


By the Guthrie Corridor in support of Samy's wigs (badly needs better ones)

- Set tripmeter at Duta toll plaza onto North-South Expwy
- go north 20.5km from toll plaza toward Rawang/Ipoh, then take Exit 115 onto the Guthrie Corridor
Expressway toward Shah Alam/Klang.
- Go thru Lagong Toll Plaza then Elmira Toll Plaza, then take Exit 3505 to Bkt Subang (km 35 on tripmeter). -
- Trip meter and turn right at light west toward Denai Alam 1km to roundabout, then 3 o'clock out of
roundabout onto Persiaran Neutron
- 1.6km to next roundabout then 9 o'clock (left) out of roundabout straight to end of road just past the
Petronas Station.
- Park beyond the barriers at blocked off road near Hindu Temple.

Alternative route:
. Get on the NKVE going towards Klang.
Take Exit 103 - signposted Bkt. Jetulong; Shah Alam.
Trip Meter at Toll Gate.
Go straight beneath elevated highway and stay left for Bkt. Jelutong, K. Selangor, Ipoh
3.0 kms. Turn right at traffic light.
3.1 kms. Turn left at traffic light.
4.3 kms. Continue straight at traffic light.
5.6 kms. Pass straight through the Monterez intersection.
6.7 kms. Pass Shell petrol station on your right.
7.6 kms. Take a left on new road which is signposted Taman Bukit Subang. The Johawaki building will be to your right, but you have to turn just before this.
9.6 kms. Pass new Petronas station
Park beyond the barriers at blocked off road near Hindu Temple

Damansara/Tropicana residents should also be able to get there via Kota Damansara & Jalan Sungei Buloh, but don't ask us how!

Cost for those staying for the On-Site On-On (full Christmas dinner, drinks, etc.) is only RM35 for adults, RM15 for associate members, RM20 for other kids.
So adult members need to pay RM35, and guests will pay a total of RM70 (RM35 for the run / circle and RM35 for the dinner).

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