April 03, 2010

Run 1725 - 3rd April 2010

Venue: Kampung Sungai Limbat, near Kg Sg Tekali
Hare: Geoff Robb - Retirement Run
Co-Hares: Bob Morgenthaler
Scribe: Sen Soon Mun
Comic: Nick Morss

Coordinates: N3 7.480 E101 51.405


Take your favorite route to Hulu Langat as follows:
If you are coming via Cheras and Phoenix Plaza:
- Pass Phoenix Plaza and find yourself on the Lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang (E7).
- Straight after the first toll plaza, turn left at exit #702 (Hulu Langat), but stay in the right lane on the slip-road.
- Drive into the village and turn left at the traffic light near the police station, towards Pangsun on Jalan Hulu Langat (B52).
- Almost 9km after the toll, near the mosque in Hulu Langat village, turn right at the lights, onto Jalan Sungai Tekali (B116), towards Semenyih/B19.

[ If coming from Ampang on the other Jalan Hulu Langat (B62), go "straight across" the same lights. ]
Zero your odometer at that junction.
Go over the 6 slumbering constables at about 1.8km.
At 4.3km, turn left at the blue and gold mosque into Kampung Sungai Tekali. More slumbering constables. (Look for PHHH Sign).
Follow this road for 0.8 km, and turn left just after bridge at Km 5.1 onto Jln Kg Sg Limbat - should be another PHHH sign here
Follow this road for 1.5 km to the end and look for Hash Car gold Kia Sportage WMR 4214.
Parking is tight, so park close together. Four wheel drives can park up the dirt roads, and normal cars might want to park on the bitumen approaching the end of the road leaving enough room for people to drive by. Please leave the marked space clear for the beer truck.

On On:
Kedai Makanan Shirley Restaurant in Ulu Langat - turn back to Ulu Langat on B116 and Shirley's restaurant is on right at bend before bridge about 4.5 km for where you turned onto the B116

A few points to note:
- We will be running through some orchards - please do not pick the fruit or interfere with the trees
- Please be aware there are some steep drops in the area. Watch where you are running and be careful not to fall
- if we have the time and energy, my co-hare and I will set two runs - there will be the "Early Retirement Run" which will be equivalent to a normal full run, and "The Hard Slog" which is a good training run for the Hash Challenge. You will be mad to follow the The Hard Slog, but that probably will not stop some people.

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