April 10, 2010

Run 1726 - 10th April 2010

Venue: Taman Bukit Mantin - just on the far edge of Mantin
Hare: Chris Bell
Co-Hares: Jerry French
Scribe: Geoff Robb
Comic: Sen Soon Mun

Coordinates: 2° 49.412'N 101° 54.266'E


Come out of KL on Jalan Loke Yew, which later turns into Jalan Cheras as it cuts over MRR2 and heads towards the Phoenix Plaza. Go past Phoenix Plaza and through the two tolls (RM1.00 and RM0.90), quite close to each other, and out past Tesco (on right) and Giant (on left, behind Petronas and Shell stations) and then up the hill passing the Kajang rifle range and on towards the Semenyih junction.

Continue straight on the LEKAS highway towards Mantin and Seremban. Take exit 2104 signposted to Mantin and Lenggeng. (This exit is a little after a big water tank on the left of the highway which feeds a large housing/flats estate which springs out of no-where.) Go through the toll (RM4.00) and you will come to a T-junction. Zero your odometer at the T-junction and turn LEFT towards Panjam and Mantin.

Drive past the Chinese cemetery on the right, under the “Selamat Datang” arch, past some shop-houses sunk down on the left and then three blocks of shop-houses on the right. At 1.10 km, turn RIGHT at the hash sign and the small sign to Taman Bukit Mantin, at the end of the third block of shop-houses, after having gone past the Mantin Nursery & Landscape garden shop on the left.

Go straight up the road (mind out for the many un-marked speed bumps) and at 1.75 km, just after a small red Chinese temple on the grass on the right, you go STRAIGHT onto the gravel road, just as the tarmac road turns left.

Go past two large gates, one on the right and the other on the left, and up the gravel track until at 2.25 km you take a LEFT into a big FIELD. Parking is luxurious but there is no shade, but plenty of space for those who wish to hold their own “Court”. Beer truck can park under the tree on the only level ground !

[For those who wish to avoid the LEKAS RM4.00 toll, you could come off on the turn into Semenyih and take the old Mantin road. You can squeeze in some shopping at that new Tesco. Just make sure you stop and turn left into Taman Bukit Mantin before you leave the outskirts of Mantin, else you’ll find yourself up the hill into Seremban. There will be a hash sign left for those facing this direction, also.]


The main run is not hard and is not overly long but is a work-out run, this being Mantin hill country, but finishing with a nice canter home. For this reason, there will be a short run also. The short run will be around 5 km and will not have many hills, but will be too short for serious runners. There are mozzies around.

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