September 04, 2010

Run 1747 - 4th September 2010

Venue: Kampong Pertak, Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Baru
Hare: Nick 'Weather Cock' Morss
Co-Hares: Mary Morss
Scribe: Mohd Noor A Mawi
Comic: Dorian 'Kojak' Landers


There are various ways to get to the junction of the Rasa Rd and the old Ipoh Rd. When you get there, zero your trip meter.

My choice is to head up the NKVE (that's North) from the Damansara toll, continue up the North-South Highway, and exit one junction after Rawang at Exit 118 - Bukit Beruntung
Zero your trip meter at the toll
400m - turn right at lights
1.8 km - you are now at the second traffic lights with Esso on the left - turn left
3.2 km - T junction turn right - sign posted Kuala Kubu Baru
4.0km - turn left
4.6 km - turn left
7.7 km - left
18.6 km - turn right (Rasa B115)
20.0 km turn left and re-zero your trip meter.

The alternative is the slow route up the Old Ipoh Road.

However you got to this junction, your trip-meter should read zero - ok? - carry on

0.9 km - turn right signposted KKB
8.9 km - right at traffic lights (signposted Bukit Fraser 56)
18.7 - immediately after the reservoir bridge turn right sign posted Kampong Pertak
19km - turn right and drive slowly through kampong (speed humps)
20km - park, hares car green Prado BFA 2002

GPS coordinates: N 03 34.488 E101 44.200

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