November 20, 2010

Run 1758 - 20th November 2010

Hoots mon - it's the St Andrew's Day Run! Och aye the noo!

Venue: Bukit Cheeding Estate, near Banting, somewhere between KLIA and Carey Island
Hares: Patrick Russell and Richard Thompson
Co-Hares: Men in Kilts
Scribe: Adnan 'Sam' Rajab
Comic: Sen Soon Mun


From KL, get on to the Kesas Highway heading towards Klang. This can be done from Seremban Highway or from Federal Highway via Sunway or Subang Jaya exits. Pass various toll plazas and look out for Kemuning Toll Plaza.
@ Kemuning toll plaza set trip meter and follow signs for Banting. M / KM readings are approx:-
@ 4.8 mile / 7.7 km look for Exit 502 Banting. Exit up slip road and turn left to Banting. Keep straight.
@ 9 m / 14.2 km pass thru Telok Panglima Garang. Pass big NEC factory on right. Keep going straight.
@ 11.1 m / 17.8 km come to Carey Island round-about (NB for On-On) & go left to Banting / Morib
@ 13.5 m / 21.7 km pass thru Jenjarom. Keep going straight
@ 14.9 m / 24.0 km look out for BHP station on left and slow down
@ 15.5 m / 25.0 km look for traffic lights with turn off to left marked Kampung Seri Cheeding. Turn left
@ 18.4 m / 29.6 km watch out for speed bumps as you pass thru Kg Seri Cheeding
@ 20.2 m / 32.5 km turn left into "BOH PLANTATIONS" - bear right through open boom gate into mixed tea & oil palm estate
Follow hash signs to car parking area adjacent to estate village / football field. Park along road side. Beer wagon at old badminton court

This is not frequent hashing territory, and the hares have obtained special permission to set a rare run (the second ever) for PH3 on this beautiful estate. A very pretty run is promised in unusual terrain, with inter-cropped tea and oil palm. The run will be faster and slightly longer (10k) than usual, with no big hills or single file jungle bashing. Or at least, hardly any (!). Please do not let us down with any littering etc.

A high quality t-shirt to celebrate St Andrew's day promises to be just as popular as the previous design, so come along and make sure you don't miss it!

ON-ON is at sea-food adjacent to Carey Island bridge. Proceed back towards KL and at Carey Island round about take left exit and follow signs to Carey Island. Just before bridge turn left into the famous Kang Guan sea-food restaurant over-looking the Carey Island channel.

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