January 01, 2011

Run 1764 - 1st January 2011

Happy New Year!

This should be a good run to get over your hangover, even if you went to the PH3 party the night before...

Venue: Antara Gapi
Hare: Ms MTV (a.k.a. Virginia Tan)
Co-Hares: Andy Loh, Dennis Chin, Cheesy Knob (a.k.a. Big Daniel)
Scribe: The Committee
Comic: Nick Morss


Travel whichever way to Rawang (e.g. via Rawang exit of N-S highway and Rawang by-pass) / Sungei Choh (e.g. via Bukit Beruntung exit of N-S highway).

Head North up the old Ipoh Road passing Serendah and the big Golf Ball.
500 meters after "IPOH 164km" milestone turn right.
Drive for 1.9km and turn right.
Another 600meters turn right again and drive 400 meters up slope and park.
This is all a nice paved road - no worries for normal cars.

ON ON - Restoran 218. Serendah
Drive back to main road and turn left to Serendah.
At traffic lights at BHP petrol station (Serendah) reset trip meter.
After 300 meters turn right and drive for another 600 meters.
Restaurant 218 is on RHS.
Note : If you reach the traffic light at Sungai Choh you have gone too far.

Posted by onsec at January 1, 2011 11:37 AM