February 12, 2011

Run 1770 - 12th February 2011

Venue: Genting Highlands - Taman Cendawan
Hare: Tan Chin Wah (Ah Wan)
Co-Hare: Chinese connection
Scribe: Joanna Castleman
Comic: Nan

The Chings are at it again, doing a pre-ChapGohMay run very soon after their successful Sau Kong run.

This run-site is at an altitude of 5,000 feet up in the Genting Highlands, where the temperature varies from 10 ° C (with wind-chill) to 18 ° C, according to Uncle Don Cheang.


Make your way up Genting Highlands (e.g. via the road towards Kuantan).
Drive past all the big ugly hotels and follow the sign to "Taman Cendawan".
After passing the ESSO station (on left), slip left at next junction towards "Amber Court".
About 500 meters after that you will come to a roundabout.
Take 4 o clock exit (sharp right) and park in the big public car park.

1 ) There are 2 run length. Short run will follow recycled long paper and long run will follow normal Petaling paper.
2 ) There may be a jam up in Genting as this is CNY season and a Saturday. So please leave early for the run.
3 ) There will be hot snacks after the run, to warm your fingers, mouths and tummies.


- Bring your family / kids for a great experience, instead of leaving them in hot KL using your air-cond.
- Bring warm clothing, for both the run and afterwards
- Take only pictures and leave only footprints. This is a more fragile eco-system than the lowland jungles / estates we usually run in.


- Steal any plants along the run - strictly illegal, immoral, and you may well get caught / reported to the local rangers and boiled in their pot for dinner. We know who our light-fingered runners are, and we'll be watching!
- Drink too much before the long, steep and windy road home. There is plenty of accommodation available up there.


Kum Kee in Gotong Jaya
Head back downhill towards KL to Gotong Jaya. Restaurant is at corner lot in the middle of the shop houses just beside 7 Eleven. This is only 3.000 feet up!

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