February 19, 2011

Run 1771 - 19th February 2011

Outstation Run - in Melaka

As well as being in Melaka, this run will start at 3:30pm, so you'll need to leave home much much earlier than usual!!!

Venue: Sungei Udang, Melaka
Hares: Joint Masters
Scribe: Tan Chin Wan
Comic: Nick Morss

We strongly recommend staying in Melaka overnight (see below for accommodation suggestions).

Our bus will be leaving the Hash House Hotel to go to the run site at 2.30 pm,
... then onto the Malacca Club for circle, ON-ON and food...
... finally returning to Melaka for further partying at the Hash Pub at approx. 10 pm.
Bus is RM10 per person (kids RM5).

So best to arrive in Melaka early, check in and have lunch, and then take the bus...

Directions to Run-site (Sungei Udang)

Runsite GPS Coordinates: N2 17.514 E102 09.069

If coming straight from KL:
(i.e. if not staying in Melaka, or if late!)
1. Get yourself onto the North-South Expressway (E2) heading South to Melaka.
2. Take exit 231 (Ayer Keroh / Melaka).
3. Trip meter at toll booth.
4. At 700 meters, just after passing under highway, take exit ramp LEFT signed "Sg. Udang". Follow all signs to "Sg. Udang" and they will lead you to the runsite. Along the way, you'll go through a number of stoplights, proceed straight at each light.
- 1st light @ 5.4km
- 2nd light @ 6.2km
- 3rd light @ 8.4km
- Tesco on left @ 11.2km, take flyover to the right
- Look for PHHH Hash Signs at about 18.5km, turn right into runsite.

The runsite is not shaded and Melaka is HOT, so bring umbrella / hats / etc. to stay cool before run.
The run itself is mostly under tree cover.

If coming from downtown Melaka (Hash House Hotel) :
Simplest option is to hop on the bus that the hares are organising.

1. Exit shop house area and turn RIGHT onto the main street Jalan Merdeka towards the shopping mall.
2. After about 500 meters turn RIGHT onto Jalan PM 2
3. After about 250 meters turn RIGHT onto Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz (Hwy 5) heading North.
4. Set trip meter after turning.
5. At about 20.5 km turn RIGHT onto Hwy M136
6. At 22.5km look for PHHH Hash Signs on left (about 2km after turning).

If coming from a different location downtown, just get yourself to Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz (Hwy 5) heading North (N2 11.230 E102 15.056) and set trip meter, then follow directions above.

On-On: Malacca Club (Tanjung Kling)

This is a beach-side club, and excellent local food will be served (along with beer, of course!) as the sun sets over the Straits of Melaka (really - that's one of the reasons why we have to start the run at 3:30pm, or we'll miss the sunset...)

On-On GPS Coordinates: N2 13.080 E102 09.871

From the runsite:
Simplest option is to hop on the bus that the hares are organising.
1. Turn RIGHT back on the main road and trip meter.
2. At 2.0km, turn LEFT at T-junction.
3. Continue straight on Hwy 5, keeping left at all intersections.
4. At 11.3km - turn RIGHT, signed "Tanjung Kling", with Mosque on corner. There's a white sign for "Malacca Club" on the right side but you can only see it while making turn.
5. At 11.8km - turn LEFT, clearly marked with "Malacca Club" sign.
6. Follow road to the club.

Treble-On (Hash Pub)

Back at the Hash Pub, at the Hash House Hotel (N2 11.357 E102 14.728)

Programme of events

2.15 pmMeet at Hash House Hotel
2.30 pmBuses leave for run site (2.30 pm SHARP)
(pay in advance to Emilia RM10 per person, RM5 for kids)
3.30 pmRUN STARTS!!! (venue: Sg. Udang)
5.30 pmLast slow walkers/runners should be back
(drinks will be served when first runner is back on paper)
No circle at the run site!!!
5.45 pmBus leaves run site for Malacca Club for Circle and ON-ON
6.00 pmSwimming, showering, changing at the Malacca Club
6.30 pmCircle starts
7.30 pmExpected sunset
In case of cloud, the hares will provide a moon instead.
8.00 pmFood time!
Price RM15 per person.
Drinks at own expense (beers are nice & cheap)!
10 pmBuses return to the Hash House Hotel in Melaka for further partying.

Suggested Accommodation

Both suggested hotels are in the Plaza Mahkota area, with easy parking.
(quote "Petaling Hash" or "PH3" for special rates)

Hash House Hotel
(This will be our 'base' and the venue for the triple-on)
GPS: N2 11.357 E102 14.728
Tel. 06 292 2299
Basic and clean hotel. NO breakfast included!
This is our HQ and the party will continue at the PUB here after the On-On!
Standard room @ RM100 nett/room/night
Family room 3 pers @ RM140 nett/room/night
Family room 4 pers @ RM160 nett/room/night

Seri Costa Hotel
http://hotelsericosta.com/ - quote "a world of exotic beauty and luxurious comfort".
Tel.06 281 6666
Higher standard rooms at this hotel which is ALSO owned by a hasher. INCLUDING breakfast.
Next door to our HQ.
RM 165 Nett/Room/Night (Superior)
RM 185 Nett/Room/Night (Deluxe)
RM 210 Nett/Room/Night (Executive)
RM 250 Nett/Room/Night (Costa)
RM 290 Nett/Room/Night (Family 4)
RM 400 Nett/Room/Night (Family 6)
RM 530 Nett/Room/Night (Family 8)

Directions to Central Melaka:
Get on the North-South Highway, heading South (via Sungei Besi if coming from KL, or via the NKVE if coming from further West).
Continue past Seremban and towards Johor Bahru.
Take exit # 231 for Ayer Keroh and Melaka town.
Keep following signs for Melaka town centre.

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