April 16, 2011

Run 1779 - 16th April 2011

Run-site: Broga Temple
Hare: Donald Pharamond
Co-Hares: CP Ti
Scribe: Jessica Lim
Comic: Win Chew Murray


GPS - N2 56.100 E101 55.095
1. Take Seremban Highway south to Kajang Exit (210). Trip to 0km at Toll.
2. Immediately after toll, follow signs to (1) Semenyih-Cheras-Kajang by going left (0.2km) and left again at 0.6km.
3. Bypass Kajang staying in the right (SILK) lanes heading for (1) Semenyih & Sg. Long.
4. Pass through 2 Tolls, (Sungei Ramal and Bukit Kajang) and keep in centre lane to Seremban-Semenyih-Sarjara Impian,
Exit left at EXIT 1804A to Semenyih. Pass earlier exit to Jalan Semenyih.
5. Around 13 km Tee left for Semenyih town and proceed through 3 sets of Traffic lights.
6. After Semenyih at 16.6km turn left onto B34 (Broga Road)
7. At 24.6 km in Broga village with Police station on left go straight.
8. Drive straight for about 700 meters and park in an order manner on left

Or (older and best known route)

a) Take highway from Cheras, past Phoenix Plaza heading for Kajang/Semenyih/Seremban
b)Veer left towards Semenyih before LEKAS highway start.
c) Pass Semenyih town and turn left to Broga on B34
d) then as above #7.
The traffic into Semenyih can be pretty bad on Sat afternoon. Allow enough time for travel.

There will be 2 runs.
A ) a shorter run that will follow PH3 paper and then long rectangular paper after the split.
B ) a normal (longer) run that will follow PH3 paper all the way. This run is for true PH3 runners who don't mind to sweat out for their beer

1 ) Do not park near the temple or the restaurant
2 ) Bring mossie repellent and use it !

On On-Makan

On On-Makan at JA XIANG Restaurant
Get back down the road for about 500meters and you will see a row of single storey shops. Restaurant is in the middle

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