April 23, 2011

Run 1780 - 23rd April 2011 - St George's Day Run

Run-site: Ulu Yam Lama (warehouse close to chicken farm)
Hare: Rob Stott
Co-Hares: The Queen's minions
Scribe: Don Pharamond
Comic: Wolfgang Druba


GPS - N03 27.242 E101 37.938

1) Travel whichever way to Rawang. Go through Rawang and head up old Ipoh Road passing Serendah, the big Golf Ball and Antara Gapi.
2) 400 meters after the "IPOH 160km" milestone (approx 16km from Rawang), turn LEFT at 'ELF' sign. Then go right and then left.
3) Drive on the pebble road for 300 meters and park in uncompleted shaded factory site ( we had a run there March 19th 2011)
4) Note that if you pass a Supermarket on you right on the main road you have gone 200 meters too far.

beware the mossies, but the retired knights of St George may attempt to slay them with their old rusty swords and lances before tossing them in the salad - budget cuts you know !

On On-Makan

On On will be on site. Walk to the end of the queue. Ladies of any realm first, Foreign Tribes second, Minions last. (Bring your own cushy chair, silver platter, gold cutlery, crystal goblet, Worcester sauce for yet another hash feast in the wild)

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