May 14, 2011

Run 1783 - 14th May 2011

Run-site: Taman Tasik Semenyih
Hare: Kim Dall
Co-Hares: Greg Dall
Scribe: Roeloff Schoemaker
Comic: Juliana Cann


GPS to road access- N2 57.097 E101 51.906

Option 1
1- Head south on Seremban Highway.
2- Take exit 210 to Kajang Lebuhraya SILK
3- Pay toll and take ramp LEFT to Lebuhraya SILK and Y junction left.
4- Go through two tolls and exit at Jalan Semenyih (Exit1805).
5- Turn right at Jalan Semenyih.
6- Stay on this road and go through Semenyih town.
7- In Semenyih town set tripmeter to zero at mosque and traffic lights . Go straight for Seremban/ Broga.
8- At 0.4 km at first set of traffic lights pass straight through.
9- At 0.8km pass Petronas station on right.
10 - At 0.9 km turn left at second traffic lights towards Broga and continue along winding road.
11- At 2.6 km at traffic lights turn left for Taman Tasik Semenyih.
12 -At 2.8km go straight through intersection.
13 - At 3km look for hash car WNG1808 and park in an orderly manner at side of road. There might be some possible parking in the field at the left side. Proceed with caution.

Option 2
- Get to Semenyih town anyway you want.
- Take direction to Seremban
- At traffic light take B34 to Broga.
- Then take follow # 11 as above.

On On

On On will be at Temple restaurant in Semenyih.
Drive back towards Semenyih by turning right at main road traffic light.
Drive about 200 meters, Temple restaurant is on the right.

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