May 21, 2011

Run 1784 - 21 May 2011

Run-site: Ladang Sungai Gapi
Hare: Peter Brooke
Co-Hares: Mystery co-hares
Scribe: Kim Dall
Comic: Mike Rickard


GPS to road access N3 23.915 E101 37.572

(same area as Chris Boyd run of 29 January 2011, but different parking area). More precise directions below.

Alternative A
A1- Take the North south Highway north, and exit at Exit 118 to Bukit Beruntung
A2- At the toll ,set your trip meter to zero.
A3- At 0.3 km T junction and traffic lights, turn right towards Rawang etc.
A4- Go straight at the next six sets of traffic lights.
A5- At the T junction at the seventh set of lights, at trip meter 10.8 km, turn left on the old trunk road towards Ipoh.
A6- At 13.3 km on your trip meter, go through Serendah town
A7- At 16.7 km pass the giant golf ball on your right and continue up the old trunk road
A8- At 18.2 km pass sign "Ladang Gapi" and prepare to turn left.
A9- At 18.4 km or approx 600m after the Ipoh 167 km milestone pass a second sign, "Ladang Sg Gapi" and turn left onto the flyover over the railway line.
A10 - Go about 500 m to the gate of the estate. Follow the road for a U turn to the right and drive to the run site.

Alternative B.
Find your own way to Rawang. Take the old trunk road to Ipoh to Serendah then proceed as A6 above.

or follow directions provided by the hare:
Take the North South highway and exit at Rawang. About 300 m past the toll, turn right towards Rawang. Pass round Rawang and head north on the old trunk road towards Ipoh. Pass Serendah. Pass the big golf ball on your right. About 600 m past the 167 milestone, turn left at a sign “Ladang Sungei Gapi”. Follow this road over the new electrified rail line about 500 m to the gate of the estate. Do a U turn and take the road to the left of the flyover and follow hash Signs to the Car Park.

On On

OnOn is at Equatorial restaurant in Rawang Industrial. Back Track towards the Toll. At the traffic light just after the Cement Plant turn left into Rawang Industrial. (This is about 2 to 3 Kms before the Toll Turn off). Equatorial is in the Shop houses on the right.

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